What Does Coppell Need?

Coppell needs something that is...

1) Affordable
2) Popular
3) High Quality
4) Proven

Quick & Easy Service. High Quality Products. Reasonabley Priced.

Proposal #1 - Coffee Shop


Construction Costs: $2,352,507
Set-Up Costs (Average): $30,000
Target Audience: Ages 16-45
Monthly Target Income: $19,320
Monthly Profit: $4,250

Operating Expenses

For every dollar made...

.16 rent
.15 espresso/coffee/tea (Cost of green, and all other associated COGS)
.08 Food/pastries
.08 Business Loan Payment
.08 Taxes
.07 Utilities+phone,internet, and cell.
.05 Insurance (health & property)
.05 Owner's Draw
.03 Business Travel
.03 Misc



Our first proposal is aimed to meet the needs of almost every sleepy person in the City of Coppell. At the moment, Coppell has only two coffeehouses to service the 40,000+ Coppell citizens that need that shot of espresso to get them up and going every morning. In Coppell, coffee is a HUGE deal especially with teens and young working Coppell citizens. Every morning, you will find a line to the door at both of your local coffee shops causing extra-long wait times. Both coffee shops are located on the west side of Coppell which causes most customers to have to drive across town in order to get their coffee.

Proposal #2 - Coppell Education Center

Construction Costs: $1,293,836.53
Set-Up Costs (Average): $50,000
Target Audience: 5-18 (Ages whiles kids are in school)
Monthly Target Income: 24,000 (120 student - $200/monthly)
Monthly Profit: $5,280


Coppell strives on being a culturally aware community due to the varying demographics within our very own community. As years pass, our Asian & Indian community is growing at an outstanding rate. The demographics are starting to dominate CHS and are quickly stealing the high ranking spots from the less educationally strict demographics. The growing demographics have a strong emphasis on education and believe that their child should attend more school than what the state provides during their adolescent years. Currently in Coppell, we have 3 locations that offer acceleration programs to students that are looking for more rigorous courses at a younger age. All of these are of course located on the east side of Coppell, all within a mile from each other.

Proposal #3 - Fro Yo Central

Construction Costs: $1,084,384
Set-Up Costs (Average): $28,000
Target Audience: 5-55 (Families)
Monthly Target Income: $29,044


Frozen yogurt was first invented in the 1970s and has made a bigger impact as time has passed. Some people believe that frozen yogurt and ice cream is the same thing, but they are sadly mistaken. Frozen yogurt is actually healthier than ice cream. H.P. Hood invented frozen yogurt with the trade name of frogurt. Recently that name has evolved to the common name of “Froyo”. It became a hit in the market during the 1980s and up to now, it has become one of the famous frozen desserts in the market worldwide. This is where our Froyo store comes in.

Every day you hear people complaining about their strict diet and how they are craving something sweet but they don’t want the calories. The closest frozen yogurt place is 2.8 miles from Coppell, Texas and that’s something we are about to change. This new froyo store will be in Coppell and available to all citizens.

Any Questions?