April #digcit

Digital Security

What is digital security?

Digital security is having the ability to protect electronic data. This is much like securing a bike to a bike rack, but with our personal information and devices.

Mike Ribble raises some important questions in his book, Digital Citizenship in Schools:

  • "How do students protect their technology in a digital society?"
  • "How can students be taught to protect themselves and their equipment from harm?"
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Classroom Lesson Starter

Have students take a close look at 'Privacy Policies' on their favorite sites/apps. Discuss the benefits and disadvantages of what they find. Discuss vocabulary such as 'cookies' and 'third party' and what it means for their privacy while using these services.

Check out What's the Big Deal About Digital Privacy (9-12) from Common Sense Media for a more detailed lesson plan.

For younger students, discuss the importance of strong passwords. Show them how to use other symbols in place of letters in a familiar word. For example, a 3 for an E or an @ for an a. Have them choose familiar words and substitute symbols for letters !

The lesson: Powerful Passwords (K-2) from Common Sense Media can help you get started.

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