Rocket Boys

by Homer H. Hickam Jr.

Coalwood, West Virginia

In a small town in West Virginia, Coalwood a boy makes coalwood known. His name is Sonny Hickam. This is about his rough road to accomplish his life goal, being a part of rockets.

What did I learn?

From this book I have learned, to always shoot for your goals, even through rough times.
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favorite part

My favorite part of the book was in the epilogue. It shows what all the characters grew up to be after a while.

Author--Homer Hickam

Homer Hickam Jr., was born and raised in Coalwood, West Virginia. He is a retired NASA engineer, scuba instructer, and a consultant on a veriet of aerospace projects. He lives with his wife in Huntsville, Alabama-Rocket City, USA.

How was it?

Rocket Boys was a very good book with a lot of life lessons. It dates back towhen people didnt have everything we have today. I would recomend a reader to read this who likes science and really amazing books.

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