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May 3rd-7th

Monday Message:

Happy Village Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week!

We have lots of treats coming to our staff and a HUGE thank you to Amanda Henriques and our PTO for making it happen! Thank you to our community sponsors for your sponsorship!


Let's wish our 3rd graders luck as they get ready for CAASPP testing all of next week.

Please see full schedule below.

4th-5th Grades- Continue Practice Tests and retting ready for the big weeks ahead!

Student Practice Tests:

Summer School Update:


  • The Learning Department has created letters that will be sent home next week per email and through the postal service, inviting students to attend Summer School and Extended School Year (if written into their IEP) . This invitation will be for students who are one year or more behind grade level in ELA or Math or if they have ESY written into their IEP.
  • Those who are invited will also given a google link to commit to reserve a spot.
  • If a student does not attend the 1st day of Summer School, they will lose their spot in Summer School if the absence has not been previously communicated.


What a wonderful end to the Jog-a-thon and a HUGE thank you to the teachers, parents, grandparents, community members and sponsors and students who participated. Our goal is to announce totals and winners early next week. We have GREAT news to share on our totals!

Return to Fall 2021:

Please share the news! We are planning to return to school this Fall with gusto! Our plan is to return to the Fall full-time, 5 days a week, while following local COVID-19 protocols (ie: masks). We will have more updates from the state and San Diego Health approx. June 15, early July and again in August, defining the details of the return. We are excited to share this great news.

2021-2022 Registration:

Information will be coming out shortly regarding student registration for 2021-2022 school year.

**If you know someone who is not currently enrolled in CUSD, but is planning to enroll in the Fall, please spread the word! Any student who has previously attended school in CUSD is considered a **Returning Student** for enrollment purposes and not a "New Student" enrollment.


Re-enrollment will indicate that your family is intending to return Fall 2021.

Our goal is to finalize enrollment by May 31st so that we can determine grade level staffing, classroom needs, curricular needs and balanced classes. Your communication regarding enrollment for this upcoming year is paramount for Village due to variances in enrollment this year.

For Those NOT Returning:

We will be sending out a survey for parents to indicate if they are NOT returning.

If you know your family will not be returning in Fall 2021, please let the office know ASAP.

5th Grade Promotion:

Fifth Grade promotion this year will be a similar drive by as to how it was last year... which was AMAZING! This year it will be held on Friday, June 18th, at 8:15 AM. More information will coming about last week of school 5th grade activities in the upcoming weeks.

** We are SO excited for the continuation of this new Village Promotion tradition. We will be making signs, putting up two balloon arches and will have the music, photographer and LOADS of fun. We will be able to celebrate our 5th graders individually for an entire block, cheering them on with their families in carts, bikes, cars or walking together. Our entire staff, will also be able to be present, celebrating our special 5th graders!

News from District Nurse Joelle Semo:

Students that are required to have a test done to clear them for return to school must have a molecular test done. This test includes the following tests: PCR, RNA, CPCR, and NAA. A rapid ANTIGEN test will not clear a student to return.

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Upcoming Events


5/5-5/20 CAASPP Testing -See Schedule Below

Village STAFF (Certificated and Classified) Appreciation Week

A HUGE Thank you to PTO for making this happen for our teachers!

5/3 Monday-PTO Sponsored treats from Claytons

5/4Tuesday- PTO Sponsored Hot Dog Stand

**Celebrating National Librarian Day****

5:00 Special Board Meeting

5/4 Wednesday- PTO Sponsored Moo Tacos from Mootime Creamery

7:00-8:00 Village PTO Meeting- Link to Come

5/8 Thursday-PTO Sponsored Pizza from Village Pizzeria

**Celebrating National School Nurse's Day****

5/9 Friday-Village Admin Sponsored Waffle Bar for Teachers

Thank you to all of our Community Sponsors who have worked so closely with PTO to make this happen for our teachers. Families, don't forget to show our sponsor's some love and tell them thank you for all they do for our special Village family.

Following Weeks:

CAASPP Testing for 4th and 5th Grades

5/31: Memorial Day Holiday-No School


6/17: Last Day of School

6/18: 5th Grade Promotion Drive Through EPIC Celebration

CAASPP Schedule

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May: Mental Health Awareness Month

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, here are a few tips on how to get out of negative thinking traps.

For more information and resources, please check out the “Current Events” tab on the Village Counselor’s Website.

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No Place For Hate Committee Updates for this Week

Congratulation Village Students, Staff and Parents! Our school is officially a “designated” No Place for Hate School.

See the link to check out all we have officially accomplished that (see below).

For updates and a record of all of our activities, please see the NPFH tab on my website:


For the month of April, our No Place for Hate (NPFH) theme is to Be an Upstander. An Upstander is someone who speaks up and stands up for others. On April 12-16th we had an Upstander spirit week. Thanks to everyone for participating 😊 Just a reminder that Every Thursday in April Activity sheets will be given to students to facilitate discussions at home.

April 29th

K-2nd grade students will receive coloring sheet with the topic of being an upstander by always being kind to others.

3rd-5th grade students will receive a word search with words that align with being an upstander and creating a culture of inclusivity. To see the answers to the word search, please visit the

Village Counselor’s website under the NPFH tab. Here is the link:

Families are encouraged to participate and have discussions on the topics introduced each month.

Discussion questions for the coloring sheet for Grades TK-2

  • Being an upstander also means that you make an effort to always be kind, even when you don’t feel like it. There can be many reasons that we don’t feel like being kind to others. It could be that we are tired, bored, or that we are just in a bad mood. Having these feelings are ok, but it doesn’t make it ok to be rude to others when we feel that way. We need to always keep in mind how our actions can make other people feel. A good way to remember this is to follow the Golden Rule of “treat others the way you would like to be treated”. How do you like to be treated and how does it make you feel when you are treated this way?
    • I like to be included, smiled at, treated fairly when playing, and for others to say nice things to me. It makes me feel happy, excited, welcomed, and important.
  • What actions can you take to always be kind to others?
    • Remember the gold rule and include others and say nice things.

We can all do our part to make everyone feel good by being an upstander; someone who stands up and speaks up for others.

Discussion questions for grades 3-5 word search:

Answers at

  • Being an upstander requires that we be kind to others all the time. What actions can you take to be kind to others at school and everywhere you go?
  • Greet people by saying hello/hola, keep the peace by not engaging in arguing or gossiping, be friendly by including others, make a new friend.

*Feel free to take a picture of your child’s coloring sheet with their name on it and email it to Ms. Slusher at and she will display it at the NPFH page on the Village Counselor’s Website or drop your pictures off and we will display them around the school. If students feel extra creative, they can always make their own picture to turn in as well *

To encourage acts of kindness at school and within the community, the NPFH committee is proud to roll out the topic of “Being Kind at Village and Beyond” for the Month of May. For details about the activities in May, Please click the link to see a video message from the NPFH committee 😊

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CAASPP Testing- Grades 3rd-5th

Even though this year has not been a normal school year, our state as asked that we continue with state testing in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and Math in grades 3rd-5th grades. Our 5th grade Science tests have not yet been decided upon.

Details on how our in person and BRIDGE students in 3rd-5th grade students will take the CAASPP will come out soon, but we wanted to get the general schedule out to families as soon as possible! Since Spring Break is upon us, we also felt that now is a great time to get started practicing for our CAASPP testing.

Please see links below for Practice Tests:

CSF 2021 Summer Enrichment Classes Enrollment Now Open!

2021 Summer Enrichment Classes Enrollment Now Open!

We are thrilled to be offering CSF's Summer Enrichment program again this summer, spanning two weeks in the summer and offering a wide range of STEM and Art courses for students entering grades TK-12th. Classes, taught by credentialed teachers and experts, are open to students from all school districts. Scholarships are available to students within the Coronado school district.

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Arts 4 Learning LIVE Zoom Lessons

for CUSD Elementary School Families



Learn how to use and control watercolors! Teaching artist Deron Cohen guides participants through the basics of using watercolors during this LIVE EVENT. From using color transparency to regulating how much water and pigment to use, Deron will discuss watercolor painting techniques as he provides step-by-step instruction on painting trees in a park.

LIVE DATE & TIME: Saturday, May 8 at 11 am - 12 pm


Meeting ID: 897 9850 1272

Passcode: 394142


Video Series

Arts 4 Learning ARTS Lessons

for CUSD Elementary School Families



In this video, Jaami Waali invites you to dance, stretch, play fun games, and try something brand new!

VIMEO DATE: Saturday, May 8





Find a partner, grab a marker and some paper, we are going to create our custom fairy tale story complete with character sketches and hero question and answer session!! you and you partner will collaborate on a drawing of a hero and monster for your fairy tale. Then, you will create a story with each partner adding to the adventure by building on the story before them. VIMEO

DATE: VIMEO DATE: Saturday, May 8



TEACHING ARTIST: Faith Jensen-Ismay, Weeks 1-4


Faith's goal is to provide practical movements beginning with basic range of motion exercises designed for small spaces that can be performed from a chair or standing. Faith will incorporate the use of gestures in movement for coordination and creativity. Movement will evolve to stretch and strength, standing balance and coordination, then move into action / verb based sequences that can be easily incorporated during work for greater physical well-being. Many of the exercises can be shared with students as movement breaks during distance learning.




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2020-2021 YEARBOOK. $25

Please purchase your 20-21 yearbook online

Through the following link:

Any questions please email


Appointment dates/times will be made available

every week on Tuesday mornings at 11:30am

Schedule your appointment at:


Are you interested in checking out a library book from the school library? Here's how it works!

1. Place a Library Book on Hold (If you don't know how to do this, please see the tutorial above)

2. Mrs. Statezny will see the hold and deliver it to the classroom within 48 hours.

3. If you are an online BRIDGE student, the books will be placed in the office for pick-up within 48 hours. You can come between office hours to pic up.

4. After one week, please return the book to the office (if on BRIDGE) or in the library if in-person hybrid.

5. Books will be placed in quarantine and disinfected before being put back into circulation and available for students to request on hold.

Important Links-Past Information

***NEW*** UPDATED Covid-19 Symptom Decision Tree 1/28/2021

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Arrival and Dismisal Traffic Routes and Gates

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