By Dezmin Hogue

France Introduction

France's Nickname Is The Hexagon (Six Sided Country)

Each country has a soul, and France's soul is equality.

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Frances Reigons-Northern France

Paris is the economic political and cultural Capital Of France.

The city of Lille Is an industrial city & it has steel mills chemical plants and textile industries

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Southwest France

Grapes Used to produce french wine

Bordeaux is known for making the best wine

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Southern France

They Form One Sixth of the land

The Soil here is bad for farming.

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The Mederterranean

It Attracts Millions of tourists per year. Ideal for sunbathing.

Film Festival,Sunbathing,Swimming in The Sea

Mareseille Busiest Seaport In France.

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East France

Europe's Busiest Waterway.

Iron Ore Best Natural Resource. Coal Mined Nearby.

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Frances History

Highly Unified Because it has "246 varietes of cheese"

Charlemagne The King Of The Franks In AD 768

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Language And Culture

French Language

Several Different Dialects To Make It

Variations of language

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Cultural Identity

A Style Of Painting was called impressionism

Claude Money & Pierre Auguste Renoir Are Some Painters

Paris IS The Cultural Center


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France Today

National Planning Programs To Modernize The Economy. Reached out to western European neighbors to form trade agreements.

The Recession Strained The Alliance

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