Percussion Stuff!

Aug. 31-Sept. 10

What's Going On?

First of all, I want to say thank you to the parents who spent Saturday with us at SIUE. We had a great performance and your flexibility and willingness to jump in made the day super easy. I'm not even going to try to list you all, I will forget someone, but thank you so much for your time and effort.

The Drum Line competed Saturday at the SIUE Drum Line Festival. The humidity level made the day pretty miserable, but comic relief came in the form of O'Fallon Township taking out some power lines so we have a good story of the day. The group really came together and performed well. To add icing to our cake, we were awarded 3rd place in our class and our tenor line of Raymond Waidmann and Charlie Craig, were awarded Best Tenor Line in Class A. I think this was a great way to start off the season!

We have a pretty calm, if HOT,end of the week with another home football game on Friday night. Mr. Becker and I will keep an eye on the weather and make a decision later on whether or not to wear uniforms. You may want to have your Freedom shirt and khakis washed just in case. We will follow the regular marching rehearsal schedule for this week. Be sure you bring your water bottles, sunscreen and bug spray. There are no activities scheduled on Saturday and on Monday, there is no school due to the Labor Day holiday. Please check out the marching band guidelines on the website as some of you newer performers may not understand what is expected at a football game.

The following week we will need to rehearse for the Manchester Homecoming Parade, so pit folks will want to make sure they have a pair of tennis shoes available. Plan to rehearse on Friday afternoon until about 4ish. After rehearsal, be sure you bring your uniform home. The Parade will start at the Journey Church on the outer road of 141 due to ACTs being given at South High. Be prepared to bring your uniform home Friday after rehearsal. You will NOT be able to come to school on Sat. morning to get it. Also, I will not be at the Manchester Parade. I am attending a Pride Band Reunion for Missouri State.

Long range: The following week is the week of 8th Grade Night. Saturday the 19th, is the return to Band Camp Day where we plan to put the finishing touches of drill on the show and perform the entire show that evening.

In Class Expectations

Remember to do your homework!

As this week has progressed, several students have not had their music prepared for class. The quality of music we perform at the high school level requires students to come to class with notes and rhythms learned and details ironed out from the assignments on Google Classroom. Each week they are to learn a small amount of music along with performance information for that section. Please help your student remember to check their classroom and prepare for their percussion homework.

Next week in class:

Sight Read 1-let, 2-let, 3-let, 4-let

Learn and Sight Read in Ab Major

Glitzville is to have learned C - C1 and read the notes on Google Classroom

Mercury Rising is to have learned 13-22 and read the notes on Google Classroom

Next week Entertainment Books are due on Sept. 9

Theta #6 is due on Sept. 11

Music for Sept. 16-18 playing tests are posted. These will NOT be rehearsed in class. Students are to apply learning from classroom to these pieces of music.

Playing Test Coming Soon

At the end of each 6 week grading period, there will be a playing test. Because we are focusing on sight reading this year, the students will have 2 short pieces to perform. There is a snare drum piece that focuses on rhythms and a mallet piece that focuses on note reading. One of these pieces will be played live during class time, the other needs to be recorded at the student's convenience but done by Sept. 18 at 11:59 pm. We will use the program Movenote as we did last year. Instructions how to use Movenote are on my website:

Both the snare drum and mallet pieces are posted in Google Classroom and will NOT be practiced or rehearsed in any way during class. Of course student may practice during AC LAB or ask questions or get help, but I will not be using class time for any of this.