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Even I am guilty of assuming things about people. Assuming that people who would love doing Stella and Dot, are, well, like me. I am dead wrong! When I started with the company almost 4 years ago (honestly because a sorority sister asked me to try and it, and I thought it would be fun to make enough money to get my hair cut and buy expensive jeans and my husband have no idea what I spent!) I also assumed there was a certain "mold" that person must fill, and that the person must have a TON of free time on their hands. I hope these profiles of stylists of all walks of life across the country will show you that notion to simply be untrue. Our opportunity works for these women and many others (and a few good men!) because no matter how many different directions their lives pull them, they have found that being a stella & dot stylist allows them financial rewards, personal success, and a sense of community they may have not found any where else in a professional setting. In short, these women have found a great source of income, amazing friendships, and a sense of themselves.

kelly wenzel, tx, july 2009

Career level: Director
I like many stylists in our company met Stella & Dot at a trunk show. I spent way too much money and fell in LOVE with the product! I had an 18 month old at home and crazy corporate sales career, but was compelled to take the leap to add a fun hobby to my life! Within my first year with Stella & Dot, I gave birth to my second child, my husband was laid off and that's when the light bulb went off for me. This was so much more than a hobby, but an incredible opportunity to make a lucrative income all while sharing style over a glass of wine with amazing women that I could work along side my crazy life! Within four years, I had built a fabulous team across the US, styled thousands of women and replaced a six figure income from my corporate sales job! I was truly able to style my own life on my own terms. Last spring when I stepped away from the corporate world, I was able to spend more time with my kids, especially my oldest, Cooper who started Kindergarten last fall. This business works around my life, so when I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime to dive back into the corporate world this January - I was able to accept the position knowing that I can have it all. With a little hard work and determination, anything can happen! The stylist opportunity with Stella & Dot truly is a compliment to my life by the income that it has added to my household (paying for vacations, ballet lessons, our mortgage and much, much more) while developing some of the most lasting friendships ever! According to my husband, it was the best $199 I ever spent!

christine swartz, va, november 2011

Career level: Director

I hosted trunk shows all the time for 2 years before becoming a stylist! I am a full time high school marketing teacher, mother to 17 month old son, Brennan (and another coming Oct 2014!), and wife. I started Stella & Dot because I needed to make more money to pay the mortgage on a home I owned. Teaching wasn't cutting it and I LOVED Stella & Dot so it was a perfect fit! After two and a half years with this amazing company, it has completely changed my life. I am now able to go part time at my teaching job next year (soon enough I will be doing Stella & Dot full time!), and be able to spend more time at home with my son and on my business! We are now saving for our dream home and it's all because of S&D. My goal is to be doing Stella & Dot full time, making a solid 6 figure salary, provide for my family, and most importantly be able to help hundreds (even thousands!) of women get what they want from this business!

danielle allison, july 2011, tx

Career Level: Star Stylist

I happened upon Stella & Dot when I saw a mini look book at a local business. At the time, I was searching for silent auction items for an event I was chairing and thought I would find the “Stella & Dot Store” and ask for a contribution. When I got online and learned more about the company, I fell in LOVE with the jewelry. There was a sign up special at the time and I thought, “why not give this a try and grab $450 of this gorgeous jewelry for $199?” At the time, I was working at a large corporate law firm practicing law full time. Right after I launched my business, I found out I was expecting my first child, work got crazy busy, and I pushed my business to the side after only a few trunk shows. Even though, I was not working my business, my sponsor Tysh Mefferd, sent me weekly motivational emails and kept me in the loop. I was appreciative of the fact that the business truly was flexible and I could remain a stylist during this time. When I returned to work after my maternity leave, I was not satisfied with my job. I was committed to hard work, but I wanted to be passionate about what I was doing, and I wanted more flexibility to spend time with my family. My husband encouraged me to give Stella & Dot another run with more focus and determination. I reached out to Tysh to tell her I wanted to reengage and she immediately responded and supported me. I started sharing my passion for Stella & Dot with my friends, family members, and co-workers. I sponsored my first stylist, my mom, that October and it was full steam ahead from there. I attended my first Hoopla in July 2012 and heard all of these inspiring stories of women who wanted the same things I did and how Stella & Dot had made it possible for them to truly have it all! I came home committed to building my Stella & Dot business into a full time career. In September 2013, I earned my first ever incentive trip from Tysh to visit the Stella & Dot design studio in New York City! That same month, I promoted to Star Stylist.

In December 2013, I left my law firm and committed myself to pursuing my Stella & Dot business full time. I have loved every minute of it! I love the energy of the women I am surrounded by. I love the ways in which we uplift, encourage, and inspire one another. I love the excitement and happiness I feel when I am headed to a trunk show and realize, “I am getting paid to have this much fun!” I love that I can now schedule a date with my husband, an outing for my daughter, or vacation for my family and “work” will never require me to cancel it. I love the ability I have to use my Stella & Dot business to raise money to support causes close to my heart. I love seeing the excitement on the face of my customers when they find that perfect necklace or my hostess when she learns she has earned hundreds of dollars in free product. I love being able to share this amazing opportunity with other women who have the “crazy” idea that they should be able have a career that provides the financial income they desire, works around their schedule and priorities, and brings joy to others. I love Stella & Dot!

christy goodman, october 2008, tx

Career Level: Sr. Director
(Average monthly income for Senior Director level is $17,000)
I started Stella & Dot on a whim 5 1/2 years ago, bc I thought it looked like something fun to do with my sisters. At the time, I had been in pharmaceutical sales for 13 years (so in all honesty, I did not need another job:). We also own our own law practice, which I helped my husband get started. Oh, and let's not forget my two 2 fabulous little girls. They were 1 and 5 at the time. So at first glance, I really had no time to do it, or so I thought.
But as a gal who had been a busy working mom, a little bit of me had been lost and I did not even really realize it. I had always loved fashion, modeled in my hay day, got a minor in fashion merchandising, and worked at Neiman's after college in Public Relations. So when I saw Stella & Dot for the first time, I thought.... "ok, this is a fashion company!" It was totally not what I expected from a company that did home trunk shows. It was a true fashion brand, and I was intrigued. So even though life was busy, and I thought there was no way I could fit it in, I took a leap and decided to try it on for size!
I had my first show, and honestly had a blast! Playing dress up with friends, drinking wine, and being social did not feel like work at all. And that was what I fell in LOVE with. Doing something fun for me! It was guiltless girl time that I think so many of us desperately long for but as moms or spouses, feel like we do not have time for.
I started by doing 2 shows in my first month, and I shockingly earned an extra $750. All of a sudden, I had some extra FUN money
But, what I ended up discovering, was that I actually found myself coming back to life. I started dressing FUN again and loving putting on my new jewels every morning, & I LOVED being more social and getting to catch up with people that I guess we all get to busy to connect with.
Ultimately, Stella & Dot has been the gift of a lifetime. Over the past 5 1/2 years, I have built a business that has a team of over 900 women in 4 countries. I thrive MOST on the one on one conversations I get to have daily. It could be with my customer I meet over coffee after workout class as I help style her for their son's wedding, or with my hostess who is super excited to get The Switch handbag for free by hosting a happy hour with her friends, and even with the stylists on my team who each have their own inspiring story. And the stories range from wanting to pay for Tory Burch boots without her hubby knowing, to a gal who doing this to save to buy her 16 year old a car with cash and teach her daughter a life lesson about women being independent. That is what I LOVE most about Stella & Dot.
So yes, I fell in love with the fashion, and I still get giddy every time a new piece comes out. But, it is so much more than fashion.... It is about thriving and loving life on my terms And the best part, the women I have gotten to meet that inspire me daily to be the best person, wife and mom that I can be!

jodie strum, february 2010, va

Career level: Director
Full-Time Very Demanding Job in Addition to stella & dot
I found S&D by a fluke- a friend of mine was a top leader's roommate in college. I was talking about some necklaces I had seen in InStyle, but had never heard of the brand and didn't know where to buy them. She told me about Kelly, the success she had achieved, and I was intrigued. What started out as a purchase ended up in a part-time career. My puppy had been hit by a car and I had spent a college tuition saving her- and thought this would be a great way to replenish my bank account. I reached out, ran out of my full-time job to meet Kelly at Starbucks-and signed up on the spot. After a great launch-seeing how people responded to the jewelry, and putting $500+ in my pocket-I was hooked! What started out as a plan for a show or two a month has moved into leadership and helping other women find and fulfill their "why." It also recently allowed me to leave a very steady, high paying job, for a riskier, more entrepreneurial partnership. These days my additional income goes to not needed, but much loved high end purchases- and some serious travel- an African Safari, Prague & Vienna, Spain- and I'm currently writing this from a piazza in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast in Italy;) Add to that to the awesome women I've met along the way- and it's pretty much the dream job. I should also mention that a week before I signed up- I was invited to an S&D party but had haphazardly replied "no"- not recognizing the connection to the InStyle necklaces or the brand- because "home parties weren't my thing."

Krystal Riebesell, November 2011, nj

Career level: Senior Stylist

As a full time big-firm insurance lawyer who was planning my wedding, finding something else to add to my insane to-do list was the last thing anyone (including a little voice in my own head) thought I should do. Still, I wanted to make some extra cash so I could pay for wedding extravagances (like fabulous Jimmy Choos) and not feel bad about it. I had never even heard of Stella & Dot...literally just stumbled onto it while googling for fun business opportunities that wouldn't feel like "work." As someone obsessed with fashion in a male-dominated insurance world of stuffy suits, a light bulb just went off and I figured why not give it try. After doing just a couple of trunk shows and immersing myself in the community of inspiring women on my team, I knew my Stella & Dot business would be sticking with me long after my (ultra fabulous) wedding came and went. I love being a lawyer, but Stella & Dot fills the creative, carefree fashionista part of me that was previously missing. And besides - a woman should never go to court without a statement necklace! Am I busy?! Obviously! - but I'm a strong believer that all of us make time in our busy lives for what we want to make time for, and I can't imagine a life where I wouldn't make time for Stella & Dot.

lauren sigler, august 2010, dc

A few days after my 18 month old had eye surgery and my husband had been immobile for 4 days due to a detached retina, my friend (and now business partner and lifeline!) sent me the stella & dot look book and asked me to think about becoming a stylist. I literally laughed out loud. I had a 3 year-old, an 18 month old with cerebral palsy who went to therapy three days a week, a husband with a very demanding travel-filled job, and no child care or family around to help. Are you KIDDING me? But we talked a little more, and she told me that she earned $1000 in her first month and I was interested in learning a LOT more! After being home with my girls for about 2 years after practicing law, I missed using my brain, and I really missed making my own money. My sweet husband would never want me to say that, because he's as supportive as they come, but I really, really didn't like the feeling of never having money that came from work that I had done. So I gave it a try, thinking that the worst thing that could happen was that I'd make my $199 investment back, have a great jewelry wardrobe (I really needed to up my "presentation" of myself - I had definitely let things go!) and would just know more about me and what I could do.
That was almost 4 years ago, and I could not thank my friend enough for sending me that look book. This is what I was meant to do! I love sharing the style that is stella & dot, I love accomplishing what I never dreamed possible, and I love what it has done for our family. From the work I've put into my business, I've earned trips to Mexico, Bahamas, New York, a spa in Arizona, plus with my earnings I paid for our family to go to Disney World for 5 days! The best part without a doubt is the friendships I've made, and the amazing team of women I am so blessed to lead as they set their own goals and change their own lives. We are still such a small company, and still have so very much to do as we change the face of fashion and entrepreneurship!

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