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As the heart of the gifted community, the mission of the SAGE Center is to ensure all students, as members of a global society, foster their uniqueness, develop their potential, and embrace their true belonging through learning experiences distinguished by:

  • Courageous exploration and discovery of passions in a flexible and innovative environment
  • Support systems for students, staff, and community
  • Ownership and self-regulation in a student-driven culture

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Students have wrapped up our unit on perfectionism and have moved into our giftedness unit. They are examining their own unique strengths and abilities. We will then be learning how to communicate our strengths and abilities and use these to reach our full potentials.

We heard from several parents since conferences that resources on anxiety and overexcitabilites would be appreciated. Attached below is an article from the National Association of Gifted Children. It also supports the Affective unit we are studying and a blog post from a gifted educational consultant and parent.




During SAGE math, students are learning about adjusting numbers to add and subtract within 1000. Students have learned several different strategies to add and subtract within 1000. We have been engaged in collaborative conversations, hands on activities and practice problems.

Home connection: Ask your child what their favorite strategy for adding and subtracting within 1000 is.


Students have been exploring adaptations that insects use to survive in their habitats. We have focused on different legs, mouthparts, biomimicry, bioluminescence, camouflage, warning coloration, and eyes.

Over the next few weeks students will be applying what they have learned about insects and their adaptations to create their own insects with adaptations to survive in a habitat of their choice. They will be using multi-media to create these 3D insects.

National Association of Gifted Students Perfectionism Resource Links

GAM District 3 Family Day

Saturday, April 6th, 10am-12pm

30 West Pershing Road

Kansas City, MO

Please mark this date on your calendar. Attending GAM Family Day is a great opportunity to connect with teachers, parents and students in our district. On GAM family day, parents and students are provided with great learning opportunities. For this year's family day, we have partnered with Science City to allow students admission at a reduced rate as part of their GAM Family Day entry fee. It will certainly be an exciting day for all. More information to come!