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November 2018

Acton Elementary

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Join us on November 6th at 6:30pm to hear from Nadine GIlkison, Technology Integration Specialist to present a short update on Technology. Our November PTO meeting will follow! Childcare is provided by our awesome YMCA staff and snacks will be provided. See you there!

Acton's Family Game Night is Friday, November 2nd from 6:00-7:30pm. This event is FREE and open to all Acton families. The PTO will be selling concessions during the event and you can buy games to take home!
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October Students of the Month

In October our teachers were looking for students who were showing INTEGRITY.

INTEGRITY is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

These students were selected and will be on our bulletin board outside the lunchroom and receive a certificate and special gift card. Congratulations!


Emerine---Easton Elliott and Eleanor Davidson

Froning--- Lydia Ladd and Conner Jordan

McMaster--- Stephen (Grant) Styer and Isabella Hernandez

First Grade

Miller--- Zoey Murphy and Elijah Mieysa

Gilkerson--- Braden Beck and Isabella Cumpean

Elliott--- Lucas Lawson and Phoebe Smith

Second Grade

Brooks--- Khloe Keough and Lana Hopson

Krug--- Zeta Craft and Jackson Chappel

Parsons--- Addy Eacret and Jager Nusekabel

Third Grade

Simmons--- Devin Neil and Anabellah Lopez

Milholland--- Claire Prickel and Sophia Hahn

Jewell--- Mason Beck and Lillian George

Fourth Grade

Beechler--- Avery Markey and Spencer Fignar

Rigsby--- Cadence Bongen and Owen Rice

Reynolds--- Wiley Craft and Addy Dingledy

Fifth Grade

Neifert---Sydney Hendrickson and Alex Sorg

Leal--- Aliya Curry and Hugo Cumpean

Scott--- Emma Crone and Ronaldo Aguayo

Related Arts

J. Adams--Gym---- Owen Willing and Ella Wisdom

Stevenson-Music---- Cameron Layne and Annie Willing

McConaha-Library---- Masiyon Priest and Brady Cole

Ryan-Art---- Lucy McCardle and Colton Wildey

Mental Health Minute

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This saves you time at the reception desk checking in and helps us prepare for our visitors each day. We would encourage you to pre-register before you volunteer daily, join your student for lunch, AND before coming to the class parties.

Below is the link to pre-register. Thank you for helping us keep our kids safe.



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Music Standards Update:

There are now 11 standards and the music standards are divided up into general Music and Performance Ensemble Standards. This month we will focus on Standards 4, 5, & 6. The standards in their entirety can always be accessed at the Department of Education website: http://www.doe.in.gov.

4. Listening and Responding

5. Understand and Inform

6. Interpret & Express

*The in class examples listed below are examples of activities/lessons that students will experience throughout the school year. If you have questions about when these lessons will occur, please contact Mrs. Stevenson.

Listening & Responding (4): Listening and responding to a carried repertoire of music by audiating music. (Audiate – to hear and understand)

K-2 – (Listen and Respond 4.2.1) Audiate and correctly speak or sing familiar and unfamiliar rhymes and songs with varied forms, tempi, meters and tonalities.

3-5 – (Listen and Respond 4.5.1) Audiate and accurately speak or sing from notated music familiar and unfamiliar rhymes and songs with varied forms, tempi, meters, and tonalities.

In Class Examples – Students will learn a wide variety of songs and chants throughout the year. Some of the songs we learn by rote (echo sing) and song we learn by reading the music – discovering the melodic and rhythmic patterns.

Understand & Inform (5): Listening and responding to a varied repertoire of music by describing, interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating music and its elemental components.

K-2 - (Understand & Inform 5.2.1) Demonstrate music’s expressive qualities (louder/softer, higher/lower, faster/slower, same/different) using music vocabulary. (Understand & Inform 5.2.2) Apply learned criteria to perceive accuracy, expressiveness, and effectiveness of performances.

3-5 – (Understand & Inform 5.5.1) Define expressive music terms and apply them to selected musical examples. (Understand & Inform 5.5.2) Develop criteria for evaluating the quality and effectiveness of music performances, and compositions and apply these criteria to performances.

In Class Examples – Beginning in Kindergarten we learn to describe music first with known vocabulary (fast/slow etc…) and then with the correct music terms. In K we focus on the opposites piano/forte, allegro/adagio and each year we add more vocabulary. By 5th grade students should be able to recognize and use the following terms to describe music. Dynamics – pianissimo, piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte, fortissimo Tempo – Largo, Adagio, Andante, Allegro, Presto

Interpret & Express (6): Listening and responding to a varied repertoire of music by interpreting and expressing music through movement.

K-2 – (Listening & Express 6.2.1) Use locomotor and non-locomotor movements to demonstrate and maintain a consistent steady beat in both simple and compound meters. (Listening & Express 6.2.2) Apply gross and fine motor movement to show upward and downward melodies. (Listening & Express 6.2.3) Identify and respond to expressive elements of music and demonstrate through movement in listening examples, singing games and/or simple folk dances.

3-5 – (Listening & Express 6.5.1) Use conducting and other types of movement to demonstrate rhythmic patterns and simple and compound meters. (Listening &Express 6.5.2) Demonstrate changes in melodic contour and simple harmonic progression through movement. (Listening & Express 6.5.3) Identify and express age appropriate music concepts including form, phrasing, expressive qualities, and timbre through movement in listening examples, singing games and/or simple folk dances.

In Class Examples - In the primary grades movement is used each lesson. We walk the beat, tap the rhythm, follow high and low sounds and explore lots of music through play and creative movement. (Many times with props such as scarves or pool noodles.) We also begin to learn folk dances beginning as early as Kindergarten. In the upper grades we do folk dances and creative movement. Students in the upper grades also begin to learn how to conduct in the different time signatures.

Mark Your Calendar....

Music Dates


November 9th - Veterans Day Program – 9:30 am

November 15th - 2nd Grade Music Program, 6:00 pm


December 6th - Choir Concert, 6:00 pm – 3rd Grade Program, 7:15 pm

*All school performance during the day

December 9th – 2:00 pm, Choir sing with FCHS Sounds of the Season

December 18th – All School Sing Along – 2:00 pm


February 5th – 5th grade field trip to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra


March 7th – Grade 1 Related Arts Night – 6:00 pm


April 18th – 4th grade program, 6:00 pm – 5th grade program, 7:15 pm

*All school performance during the day

April 27th – Folk Dance Festival

TBD (May) – International Fair

What to know what is going on in music class? Follow us on Facebook!

Facebook: ActonElementaryMusic

Veteran’s Day

We will be hosting a program on Friday, November 9, 2018 in celebration of Veteran’s Day. As part of this program we would like to recognize the Veteran’s from our Acton family. If your student has family members that are Veterans we invite you to send in pictures of your Veterans and pictures of your Veterans with your Acton Students to be included in a picture slideshow. Please scan and send pictures to Mrs. Stevenson at amanda.stevenson@ftcsc.k12.in.us by November 2nd. Please include the Acton Student’s name, grade and how they are related to the Veteran in email.

Please put November 9th at 9:30am on your calendar and invite your Veteran’s to join us for this celebration.

We are also holding an essay contest. Students are invited to write an essay or some brief thoughts answering the question: “What does a Veteran mean to me?” Essays can be turned in to Mrs. Stevenson by Nov. 2nd.

Acton students are bringing home flags to decorate in honor of our Veterans. Please return decorated flags by Nov. 2nd. If you need more copies, please contact your child’s teacher.

Want to help some more? We are asking for cookie donations to provide a light snack for our special guests on Veterans Day. If you are willing to donate store bought cookies, please sign up using the sign-up genius link below and return all donations to school, by Thursday, November 8th.


Acton Elementary 2nd Grade Program

It’s a Small World

On Thursday, November 15, 2018, Acton 2nd grade students will present their program “It’s a Small World.” We hope you are able to join us! Please read the information carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

What: Grade 2 Program – “It’s a Small World”

When: Thursday, November 15, 2018 – 6:00pm

Where: Acton Gymnasium

What time should I be there: 2nd grade students should meet their music teacher in the gym beginning at 5:45 pm

What to wear: 2nd grade students should wear jeans, Acton Team-a-thon shirt and tennis shoes. (If you did not receive a team-a-thon shirt, please let Mrs. Stevenson know.)

We will be videotaping this program. You can purchase a copy by making a $5 donation to the Acton Music Program. Order forms are on the back. Guests are always welcome to take your own videos and photos. J

The students have been working very hard and we are excited to share what we have learned! We look forward to seeing you there!

Mrs. Stevenson



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Lice Reminder

Parents it is getting that time of year when lice can be more prevalent. Lice can be spread via the many clothing layers, hats, gloves, scarves that students are wearing for this cold winter weather also the increased traveling.

A couple of ways to prevent the spread of the pesky lice are:

*Once a week throw backpacks, hats, gloves, scarves and jackets in the dryer for 20 minutes.

*Educate children on the importance of not sharing hats, hair bows, jackets, and gloves. Educate them about not having head to head contact with their friends.

*Check your children frequently (at least once a week) for head lice. It’s easier to get rid of it at an early stage.

*Students share locker/cubbie space with another student, if you would like to send in a plastic grocery bag to put their things in, in their locker/cubbie that will help to keep their things separated some from another student’s things.

Flu Information

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  • Online payments through PayPams is convenient way to pay for your child's meals.



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1 Picture retake day

1 1st grade field trip

2 Family Game Night

2 choir practice

6 PTO Meeting

7 Robotics

8 Student Council

9 Veterans Day Program

9 choir practice

14 Robotics

15 Title I Night

15 Second Grade Music Program

16 All Pro Dads

16 Mid-term grades posted

16 choir practice

19 -Dec 12 Dibels K-2

20 Dec field trips due

21-23 Thanksgiving break

26 School Board Meeting

26-Dec 7 Airways testing 3-5

28 Robotics

29 4th grade field trip-Benjamin Harris

30 PBIS Convo

30 choir practice

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Please review a few important front office policies.

  • We do our best to keep classroom disruptions to a minimum. If your child forgets an item and you bring it in, please do not be offended if the front office asks for you to leave the item with them so it can be delivered at an appropriate time.
  • If there is a change in transportation for students at the end of the day, we must be notified by a Parent/Guardian before 3:00pm.
  • If electronics (cell phones, ipods, gaming systems) are brought into school and removed from backpacks, they will be confiscated by the teacher. A parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the electronic at the front desk.
  • When having lunch with your student in the cafeteria please remember to only have your child sit with you.
  • Morning student drop off must be done in the car rider line. Drop off opens at 8:35 am in the car rider line.
  • Students arriving after 8:50 am MUST be signed in at the front office.
  • Review the Franklin Township policies and procedures for absences on p. 2-3 in the student handbook. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • All visitors must have a photo ID to enter the building.
Just a reminder: School Board policy 5200 regarding appointments. – Parents are encouraged to schedule medical, dental, and other necessary appointments other than during school hours. When appointments are necessary during the school day, the student shall report back to school immediately after the appointment with a signed statement from the doctor, dentist, etc.


The following volunteers will need a criminal history check:

1. Any person who will be working with students for extended periods of time – either consecutive hours or on a regular schedule.

2. Any person who will be in a position to supervise students – this includes but not limited to field trips (at all levels, including band and choir trips) or taking a group of students out of a classroom for remediation work.

3. Any person who will be alone with a student.

*NOTE: VOLUNTEER BACKGROUND CHECKS ARE NO LONGER FREE OF CHARGE. THE FEE IS APPROXIMATELY $16.00 PER VOLUNTEER. If you wish to proceed, please follow the instructions and click on link below.

• Please select VOLUNTEER for "Position"
• Make sure your name is spelled correctly
• Please complete the entire form, all fields with *are required
• Please select the school or schools for which you request to volunteer
• Select I Agree and then Submit

All schools have access to the volunteer data base and can verify a clear background check. If there is an issue with the background check that will affect the ability to volunteer, that volunteer will be notified. This comprehensive background check will be active for two years. You will receive an email notification once the background check is clear. You will also be notified when it is about to expire.

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Acton Elementary is a Targeted Assistance School through Title I. What does this mean for Acton Elementary? The mission of Title I is to provide a continuum of services and resources to Title I schools that enrich curriculum and instruction, promote interaction and coordination of supplementary services and resources, and result in excellence and high expectations for educators and students. Through collective efforts, we endeavor to increase accountability for all participants in the educational process; enhance cooperation between school and home; provide educators in Title I schools with greater autonomy for shared decision-making; and most importantly, promote increased educational performance of students attending Title I schools.

If you have not already signed up for Kroger Rewards or Amazon Smile- please do! We receive a donation from Kroger and Amazon for each shopping trip you make! This helps fund our events throughout the year!