The real truth about global warming

Climate change

Today global warming is a big problem as countries grow in population. Today we are on the edge of a new day in age one much different than the one our ancestors live in. Today carbon monoxide levels are on the rise and is hurting our climate. Is it to late to do anything about global warming? According to it is not to late to do something about the problem of global warming. With appropriate actions taken by the government, communities, and businesses from around the world we could change global warming problems. If we don't take appropriate actions this problem could end in severe consequences. The global average the temperature has increased 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit over the last ten decades. According to the earth is warming because of the green house effect, where carbon monoxide levels are increasing therefore the radiation from the sun cannot escape the ozone layer and is warming up the atmosphere. The increase in carbon monoxide is due to the harmful gasses produced by factories, cars and electricity, methane released from landfills and agriculture, nitrous oxide from fertilizers, and the loss of forestation which contains carbon monoxide. There are many things humans can do to prevent global warming that are very simple and may not take much time. We will provide you ten ways to prevent global warming.

1.Replace regular incandescent lights bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs- by replacing your light bulbs you will save money and compact florescent bulbs produce 60% less energy

2.Install a programmable thermostat- by installing a programmable thermostat it will lower the heat or air conditioner at night then raise them in the mourning which will cut down on cost and lower the energy produced by the air conditioner

3.Do not leave appliances on standby- by turning the appliances completely off it will save about 60% of the appliances energy

4.Use less hot water- when you heat water it requires a lot of energy

5.Recycle- by recycling it will eliminate 2,400 lbs of carbon monoxide a year

6.Insulate and weatherize your home- by insulating and weatherizing your home you can save 25% of your home heating bill and will eliminate 2,000 lbs of carbon monoxide a year

7.Plant a tree- by planting one single that tree will absorb one ton of carbon monoxide in its lifetime

8.Buy fresh foods- frozen foods use ten times more energy to produce

9.Carpool with your workers or classmates- by carpooling it will reduce the fuel emitted by your automobiles which will reduce the carbon monoxide levels

10.Do not waste fuel- wasting fuel increases the levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere

These ten simple actions could hel significantly impact the world according to These actions could someday help save lives of many animals such as polar bears and penguins. If we keep let global warming happen the earth will no longer have vegetation because it will not be able to survive the harsh temperatures. Also if we keep let global warming happen many of the glaciers and polar ice caps will melt which will increase the amount of water in the oceans and the oceans could possibly rise enough that populated ares may not be able to sustain a life in that location due to the rise in water. If you care about the environment and the future world you could perform those simple task above and make a huge difference.

Global Warming 101