#BirdvilleBlended 5/1/17

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Raise Your Hand Texas Site Visits

This past week was a whirlwind of visits from our blended "thought partners" with CA Group. The Shannon HS Project 2 visit was Tuesday and the Project 1 visit was Thursday. Intense design work, coaching calibration walk-throughs, and intervention planning all were facilitated by our grant implementation experts, Pamela Barrier and Kristen Buri.

Shannon High School: Project 2

HMS Teachers Using DDI & Small Groups for SSI Work

TNTP Coaching Cycles

Birdville High School's academic dean, Jennifer Lawler, jumped right in to the TNTP coaching cycles with English 1 teacher Adrian Baylor this past week. Year one blended teachers should expect at least one coaching cycle from their dean or RBL coach before the end of the year. In Year 2, all teachers should expect at least one coaching cycle per 6-weeks.

Blended Blog Spotlight: Blend Runner

If you haven't subscribed to the blended reflections blog of Richland High School teacher Scott Evans, then you are missing out not only on honest reflections on his year of implementing blended learning but also on some clever exemplars of the sci-fi genre. Workshop teachers write alongside their students, and Mr. Evans exemplifies this key component of rigorous and effective workshop model instruction.
Click here to go to Blend Runner.

Read Scott Evans' blog and leave him a comment. There are two installments of this creative take on a futuristic view of education woven together with technology.

Stranger Things Than Blending? That Would be Creative Writing.

Creative Writing 2017 Trailer (STRANGER THINGS PARODY)

Montagues Vs. Capulets at HHS

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Tweets of the Week!

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Blended Summer Professional Development

As we have discussed, there will be many options for blended teachers to get small group and one-on-one help this summer preparing to blend in the fall. Remember, if there is a different time or day that would work better for you or your team, please let us know. We will work to accommodate your schedules and needs.