30 November, 2012

Background Information

Jaguarundi's are basically average cats. They eat fish, small mammals, birds and reptiles. They are also known as "otter cats" due to their otter-like appearances. When Jaguarundi's are born they a covered with spots, but as they mature their spots are lost. They can climb trees and swim but spend most of their time on the ground and underbrush. They prefer land by water, with underbrush and many trees. They can be found in many parts of Central America, South America and in southern U.S. States such as Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Threats or Causes of Endangerment

These animals are endangered because of habitat loss and because of over-hunting. The Jaguarundi have been hunted not for their meat but for their fur.
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Solutions/ Successes/ Possible Courses of Action for Protection

Many Juguarundi have been captured and put into zoo's to protect the population. No other steps have been taken for their protection because they are not a highly endangered species.
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