Newsela Text Sets Integration

Columbus City Schools Social Studies 2020-2021

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Newsela Text Sets Integration

CCS is providing Newsela (pronounced news-ella) subscriptions for all 6-12 social studies classes for 2020-2021, with access through CCS Clever.

Newsela includes an extensive database of thousands of primary and secondary sources, all of which are adapted for five Lexile levels. Each article also includes text-dependent questions aligned with literacy standards, and an editable writing prompt where you can additional open-ended content questions.

Custom curated Newsela text sets are available for every CCS 6-12 social studies course. These text sets include about 35-45 vetted articles per grading period. Teachers may to choose any number of articles from these sets (or other articles) and assign them to their classes (already loaded in Clever) with the click of a button.

Log-in to CCS Clever with your CCS username and password (same as email). Then, click on the links below to access the custom texts aligned with CCS Social Studies first semester curriculum. Click on the Course name to download the CCS curriculum file.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for support and video tutorials.

Four Approaches for Assigning Newsela Articles

  1. Use an article from the curated text sets below. Assign an article as is, with four literacy-based questions and a writing prompt.

  2. Use an article from the curated text sets below. Assign an article article with four literacy-based questions, and adapt the writing prompt to include open-ended social studies content questions.

  3. Create a mini-text set from the curated text sets below and assign the mini-text set as an assignment (as is or with adapted writing prompts)

  4. Create a mini-text set from the text sets below and use the description field to make the text set into a full lesson, with background readings, videos, web links, etc.

Note: All options include the capacity to deliver instruction as a live, synchronous session or recorded session using the "Present" button. Additionally, assignments can be assigned in Google Classroom. See the "Sharing to GC" tutorial at the bottom of this page.


Assigning Articles from the CCS Newsela Text Sets


Newsela Support and Video Tutorials


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