Demo Plan -Rich Task Template

Bridget Bi

Description of Acitivites

I will prepare a teaching section to instruct art knowledge and techniques of clay painting. The lesson covers understanding color schemes, sponging techniques, low relief and high relief. Throughout the section, I am willing to answer any question and clear steps to deal with potential situations


This specific task can show the student's art understandings in both sculpture and painting, It also indicates teaching skills, problem solving skills and communication skills to explain the work process, clear solutions in particular situations, and encourage learners' passion in art. Effective teaching can be operation in the important business functions. Teachers oversee students' demands in education, plan instructions and go through the learning processes with students. Teachers continuously develop teaching strategies based on students' works and reactions.

Required Materials

  • Personal Clay Sculpture
  • a Sponge
  • a Platelet
  • Gouache Liquide (three primary colors)
  • a Water Container
  • Newspaper
  • Tissue (optional)

Details of Activity

Special Instruction

Be careful with paints spilling on the clothes during the work process.