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September 17th - September 23rd: Weekly Publication

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Cerro Villa Highlights - Great things Happening at CV!


"Win the Day" at Cerro Villa

The Viking Culture this year is to "Win the Day". We challenge all students and staff to pick 1 goal each day to accomplish. When you have succeeded with that 1 goal, you have "Won the Day!"

Check out the NEW Bulletin Board located in the main office!

Link to "Win the Day" - Mark Batterson

Here are a few ways to "Win the Day"

  • "Flip the Script" on struggles/challenges and make them successes!
  • Follow "Kaizen" - strive for continuous improvement each day!
  • "Be Kind" - smile, say hello, look out for your fellow vikings! Remember - everyone is going through a battle we may not know.. Be Kind Always!

Cerro Villa Announcements

Make-Up Picture Day - Monday, September 18th

The Absent/Retake picture day is an event for students who missed the initial day, for students who aren't happy with their original portraits, and for new students.

  • Pictures will take place 8:30 - 11:30. Announcements/call slips will be provided for students.

NEW STUDENT PHOTOS: students will be provided a booklet after taking their photo which will give directions on how to order pictures.

For students who are requesting a retake, we ask that they bring in their proof booklet, so that our production lab may process the session as a retake.

Students can wear a non-uniform top for the picture but must change back into a school shirt afterward.

Monday - School-Wide LockDown Drill

Parents/Guardians -

On Monday morning, Cerro Villa will conduct a scheduled mandatory "LockDown Drill". A LockDown would be utilized if there was an immediate threat on campus.

During a lockdown drill - classrooms are secured by engaging the "lockblock" on the door (doors are kept locked at all times, left ajar by the "lockblock" device). Students and teachers will stay quiet, secure the door, monitor communication, not open doors until "all clear" is announced.

  • Please have conversations if your child on appropriate steps to follow (listening and following instructions by adults on campus).
  • Cerro Villa will continue the communication to our stakeholders regarding safety drills.
  • Cerro Villa Staff will take part in the district wide Safety training (Secondary schools) on November 7th.

LockDown vs Shelter in Place

  • LockDown = immediate threat to campus
  • Shelter in place = threat is in the environment or surrounding area (not an immediate threat to students or staff). Shelter in place - students and staff stay indoors, but continue normal instruction.

Vikings - GREAT JOB following CV's Cell Phone Expectation!

Vikings - You have earned a FREE DRESS DAY!! This Wednesday, September 20th will be a Free Dress Day for all students.
  • Free Dress Expectations will be reviewed during Homeroom on Tuesday Morning and announced via the VIKINGS Google Classroom

Goal: Decrease the # of cell phones confiscated each day from Tuesday - Friday

Cell Phone Totals

  • Tuesday - 28 phones
  • Wednesday - 19 phones
  • Thursday - 11 phones
  • Friday - 9 phones

NEXT CHALLENGE: Continue to decrease Cell Phone confiscation AND DECREASE single period TARDY's

"Win the Day" Challenge #1

All Cerro Villa students have been invited to the new Cerro Villa Vikings Google Classroom. Students received the google classroom code through their homeroom class.

Through the "Classwork" tab in our Vikings Google Classroom - the "Win the Day" Challenge has been posted! Check it out for an opportunity to earn a BBQ Lunch!


Newton’s Third Law States:

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Write a paragraph explaining how Newton’s Third Law can be related to student behavior and positive and negative consequences.

Esports Tournament begins this week

Cerro Villa's first Esports tournament of the school year will begin this week! All are invited to participate in the 2 vs 2 Smash Bros Tournament.

For questions or details, visit Mr. Williams in Room 303! Good Luck!

OUSD Counselor SOS Presentation - September 25 - 29

Counselor Presentation of SOS to students will take place: September 25 - 29 during Science Class.

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Cerro Villa is committed to teaching students about positive mental health and how to seek

help if they are worried about themselves or a friend hurting themselves. We are using the

Signs of Suicide (SOS) to teach students about this difficult topic and encourages them to

seek help.

SOS has been used by thousands of schools over the past few decades. This will be the third

year that CV will implement this program for all students. Currently all middle schools in OUSD

implement this program. Studies have shown that it effectively teaches students about

depression and suicide while reducing the number of students’ self-reported suicide


Through the program, students learn:

● that depression is treatable, so they are encouraged to seek help

● how to identify depression and potential suicide risk in themselves or a friend

● to ACT (Acknowledge, Care and Tell a trusted adult) if concerned about themselves or

a friend

● who they can turn to at school for help, if they need it

To read the entire Parent Letter - please click on the below link

Parent Letter - SOS Letter

Counselors will present SOS presentation during the PFSO meeting on September 18th @ 8:30 am

After learning about the SOS program and presentation, if you would like to OPT - OUT your child from participating, please complete the below form:

SOS OPT-OUT Google Form

CV Viking Shelf Life - Weekly LIbrary Newsletter

Viking Shelf Life - September Library Newsletter

Check out the latest news and happenings of our CV Library!! The newsletter can also be found on CV's website: https://www.cerrovilla.org/academics/library

September is Attendance Awareness Month - "We Champion Attendance"

BBQ party for hightest attendance rate

pizza party for most improved

September is Attendance Awareness Month. Orange Unified School District continues to strive for high overall student attendance rates. Student attendance has a profound impact on student success, funding, and resources. As such, our attendance campaign for the 2023-24 school year will seek to promote positive student attendance through monthly recognition of schools that a) demonstrate the highest attendance rate for the respective month or b) demonstrate the most improvement from the previous month.

The theme of our campaign is "We Champion Attendance". In line with our theme, sites that are monthly winners will be presented with Traveling Championship Cups to display with pride in the main office. Elementary and Middle School Sites will have a school-wide BBQ (highest) and Pizza lunch (most improved) as an additional incentive for the students.

District STATS: 23-24 school year

  • Attendance Rate: 95.14% (+2.16% from 22-23)
  • Chronic Absentee Rate: 18.21% (down 25.21% from 22-23)

LET'S GOOO, VIKINGS!! "Win the Day" by attending school!!

Homework Help Available

Homework Help is now available.. check out the flyer!

Homework Help Flyer


Serrano Ave - Dismissal
  • The City of Villa Park recently refurbished Serrano Ave. In doing so, the crosswalk at Dodson Way was removed. To keep the flow of traffic moving, this crosswalk will not be replaced.
  • Students MUST cross at the Serrano Ave curve crosswalk OR Serrano/Featherhill Dr. crosswalk
  • We understand this will cause an inconvenience in picking-up your child, BUT safety to all students and families is TOP PRIORITY.
  • PLEASE DO NOT have your child cross Serrano in the middle of the flow of traffic


  • The intersection at Serrano and Nichols is now a ONE stop intersection (stop sign is located on Nichols). Serrano is now a straight away with NO STOP SIGN. The City has instituted the Crosswalk signal that will flash when students press the button to cross the street. Please be cautious to the flashing lights and students crossing

Leadership / Activities Announcements

7th Grade Hawaiian Themed Dance - Friday!

Cerro Villa Middle School’s 7th Grade Aloha Dance

September 22, 2023

3:00-4:30 p.m.

  • Dance bracelets are $6.00 with ASB Card and $8.00 without
  • Bracelets will be on sale Friday September 15-Thursday, September 21 before school, nutrition, during lunch, and after school!


DANCE FLYER / Permission Slip

CV Athletic News / Events


2023-2024 CV Sports Schedule

Last Week:

Boys were 2-0 vs McPherson

Girls were 2-0 vs McPherson

SEPTEMBER 18TH Games- Good Luck Boys and Girls Soccer!

  • Cerro Villa Girls @ Santiago
  • Santiago @ Cerro Villa Boys

About PFSO

https://www.cvpfso.org/ - visit the PFSO website to learn about all the opportunities to get involved.

What is the PFSO?

The Cerro Villa Parent Faculty Student Organization (PFSO) is a non-profit organization that assists the faculty and staff in enhancing the education experiences of our children.

​The PFSO assists with many programs around the school, including dances, Student of the Month, Honor Society, and the 8th Grade Promotion Party. Without your support, these events would not be possible. Most importantly, the PFSO also supports the faculty and staff at Cerro Villa in acquiring items they need for their classrooms in order to enhance our children’s educational experiences.

Next PFSO meeting..

Tuesday, September 19th

8:30am in the CVMS Library

​Our PFSO meetings are held on the THIRD TUESDAY of every month at 8:30 a.m. in the CVMS Library.

We hope to see you there!

Meeting Minutes are posted promptly for those who are unable to attend.

Earn Free Money for Cerro Villa

Did you know that the CV PFSO can receive “free money” from Ralphs every time you shop? This summer we received $31.51 from just 8 participating families' grocery runs. Imagine how much more we could earn if you, your friends, and family sign up too!

This one-time sign-up will take just a few minutes of your time:

Step 1: Go to www.ralphs.com
Step 2: Sign in or create an account with your Ralphs Rewards account number (found on the back of your shopping card)
Step 3: Go to My Account, then to Community Contributions
Step 4: Enroll for free and designate "Cerro Villa PFSO" as your program of choice
Step 5: Forget about it! You just shop as usual from now on in-store or online :)

For more information, visit: https://www.ralphs.com/i/community/community-contribution-program

And if you have any issues, please email cvpfso@gmail.com - we're happy to help get you set up. Thanks! - CV PFSO

Important Dates

September 18th: Make-up Picture Day

September 19th: PFSO meeting and Coffee with Counselor, 830 am

September 21st: ELAC meeting, 8:15 am

September 22nd: 7th Grade Dance

September 25 - 29: SOS week, Counselor Presentation via Science Class

Parent / Orange Unified Information

Connect with OUSD


We invite you to take a moment to follow Orange Unified on social media to receive the district’s latest news and announcements. Social media may also be a critical line of communication during emergencies and will be an excellent place for you to get up-to-date information: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

You can also check out videos featuring programs throughout the District, Board Meetings, school highlights, Measure S progress, graduation ceremonies, and more on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/OrangeUnifiedCA

New for this school year is the OUSD App, which is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Free for our families, the app allows users to see District-level news and events as well as customize their experience by selecting their school(s) of choice to follow to receive news and calendar information directly to their phones.

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2023-2024 Bell Schedules

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