Ancient Civillization

acient civillization of scotland by matthew aiden and curtis


C. 1,000 BC The sword and shield are introduced into Scotland

C. 400 BC The Celts introduce iron into Scotland

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in Scotland in 1000 BC they where just finding out about swords and shields so that was just the beginning of the warriors age . Scotland adapted to this very fast and they became the country with the most warriors in under one century.

econmic system

right now Scotland is full of different jobs and is full of technology but the technology is hidden . there wasn't to much slavery but only the poor people where slaves and there is lots of rich back then. Scotland traded fur and instruments. most of the people in Scotland were very rich

belif system

most people in Scotland are christen 43% 16% of Scotland to a church called church of Scotland there are 7 of these in Scotland 7% of Scotland is non religious. there are no birth rituals or death ones. there are ceremony's every month for they death of the kings.

politics and war

the king of Scotland is James sixth. the kings of Scotland have always been in by family after a small civil war that was 1 year long. the laws of Scotland are all by vote so they city's voted that was the laws for Scotland.

social system

the men of Scotland worked all day of the week except for Saturday because that was the day they were allowed to be with their family. the children worked when they hit 11 even if there were a girl or a boy the girl would work Intel she got married. the hole family would live in houses on the same road as the rest of their family.

aestheist system

there wasn't to much art other then statures in Scotland but there was a lot of gravity there is lots of architure as in the stone hedge its not in Scotland but is amazing. the statures could be from my height to as tall as a house

writing style

Scotland civilians used quills and paper for about 60 year because there was no pencils or pens. until sixty years after they started then they started making early pencils. they used letters symbols and pictures