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Things to know...

  • WOW! Our first ever Culture Fair was amazing! I know this was a lot to ask for 3 days and I was blown away by the effort your kids put into making it great! The office had a number of parents talk about how amazing it was and how much they appreciated us doing something to celebrate the diversity of our world! Jennifer Killian - thank you - you were the magic behind "it just happens"!!
  • We finally have our login information for our subscription to BrainPop, BrainPop Jr., and BrainPop Espanol! Our campus username is: reedestx and the password is: reed This login and password will be good until January of 2017 :0)
  • Remember that we will be helping make our Volunteers feel special and appreciated on Wednesday with our appreciation breakfast! We will be sending out an email invitation - but nothing makes them feel more special than a personal invitation from their teacher so we would greatly appreciate it if you could call, email or text them Monday!
  • We will be doing discourse learning walks starting this week during conference times. We will be looking at student to student discourse and learning targets (are they posted and do the kids know what they are learning and why it's important). Don't be surprised if people wander through your classroom - we never grow if we don't get out and see what great things are going on!

GET THOSE LEEF GRANTS IN - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 19th... think outside the box - be innovative - dream big!!

This Week...

  • Please take a minute to call, email or text your volunteers and invite them to drop by Wednesday morning for breakfast!
  • lighthouse Team Meeting
  • QUEST - DL Meeting


  • don't forget your contribution to Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast in the morning!
  • RTI Tier 3 Meeting


  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast - food items can be left in the community room
  • 3rd Grade learning walks during conference time - large conference room
  • 5th Grade learning walks during conference time - large conference room
  • 1st Grade learning walks during conference time - large conference room
  • Faculty Meeting


  • Please make sure Erin knows when & where your Valentine's Day party is!!


  • Valentine's Day Parties! prepare for the sugar rush!!

Happy Counselor Appreciation Week (postponed from last week) - we love our counselors...

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  • Thank you to Amy Johnson for meeting and delivering student presenters at the Continuous Improvement Conference on Tuesday. - Paulette

  • ​I would like to thank everyone for all the thoughts, prayers and hugs you have sent me and my family through this difficult time in our life. Each and every one of them have meant so much to me and have helped me tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love Reed Elementary. - Marla

  • ​Thanks to Hailey and Yass for taking care of my class while I was home with a sick kiddo on Thursday. - Sandie

  • Shout out to Allison Ponce for thinking win win and leading a conversation to improve dismissal for 3rd, 4th, and 5th! Thank you for taking the initiative to get everyone together to make that system smoother. - Christy

  • Shout out to Vidonni for giving up her planning period to mentor/support some of our 3rd graders. You are making a difference!! - Christy

  • Shout out to Marquina for mentoring one of our kinder friends. She loves you!! - Christy

  • Shout out to Megan Mitchell for continually looking for new ways to support a very unique group of pre-k friends! You are amazing! - Christy

  • Shout out to Magen Schott for keeping me on track and making sure none of our RtI kiddos slip through the crack! - Christy

  • Thanks to 4th grade for sending leaders to help with kindergarten during recess. It has been helpful for kindergartners to see great 4th grade examples! Kindergarten

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to those of you who lost your friend, Carol, to cancer. I did not know Carol North personally, but I've heard so many beautiful things about her this week that I feel like I definitely missed out by not knowing her. Thank you to all of you who shared a personal story about Carol, with me.

  • I have a student teacher from UT her name is Alison Daughtrey she will be with me till April. She is a very eager and kind person and kids already started to open up to her. Please welcome her into your classrooms as she will start to take over. - Mina

  • Huge thank you to everyone who shared the work they are doing with students at the February Conference - I have had several people tell me how awesome our staff was!! - Lisa

  • Thank you to Elena for allowing me to share parts of her observation video with principals wanting to see what good coaching and student discourse look like! It was amazing!! - Lisa

  • Shout out to the office staff for managing the craziness that was the last 3 weeks with grace and professionalism! Y'all rock! - Lisa

  • I love how our cafeteria staff take such pride in what they do! They are willing to go above and beyond to support the kids - THANK YOU!! - Lisa

How to get GT credit for the sessions you attended at Feb Conference...

In case you get questions from your staff about getting GT credit for Feb. Conference sessions they attended, below is the process. We had some technological glitches which have now been resolved. Please refer any questions to me, and thanks, Kathy

1. To Register for Feb. Conference GT session:

a. Go to Eduphoria and log in.

b. Click on Workshop and choose Workshop tab.

c. Click on "View Courses by Month."

d. That should pull up the 9 GT Conference time frames.

e. Click on the one your session was in -- then you should be able to click "Register."

f. All GT sessions should be listed in the appropriate time frame. However, if you can't find one, please email me to confirm it is GT and then we'll get you registered.

If you have any questions about this process, please email me.

Thanks for your patience, Kathy