Conservation of Natural Resources

Industrial development good or bad for enviornment?


The conservation of natural resources revolves around industrial development and preserving wildlife. One side is industrial expantion is encouraged and should take the place of natural wildlife. The other is wildlife like habitats, such as forests and oceans, should be maintained and protected. Some benefits of industrial development is for more housing, source for energy, and oil. On the other hand benefits from preserving wildlife include retaining natural habitats, reduction of pollution, and for physical activities in recreation areas.

Saving the environment

  1. To preserve parks for recreational activity. To help maintain good health physical activity is perfect, parks can be used in many ways for fun and health. Parks are normally easy to get to and are encouraged for a fun activity.
  2. Maintaining natural habitats are key for a healthy environment. Many species are becoming extinct because their habitats are being taken over for their resources.
  3. A very bad thing for our air and environment is pollution. The reduction of pollution is a helpful way to save habitats and improving the quality of life of organisms.
  4. Conservation of water has always greatly been dependent on maintaining a healthy environment. In time if we keep it up future generations, also conserve energy, and minimize human water usage it will greatly impact our ecosystem.
  5. Another thing to conserve that have great positive effects is biodiversity. Protecting and maintaining biodiversity help keep clean and consistent water flows,protection from floods and storms, and a stable climate

Industrial Development

  1. The first reason that land should continually be developed is because of oil drillings. The Obama administration is planning to drill for oil, gas, and collect other minerals to increase and help the economy. If the economy thrives, our country would thrive as well, so using the developed land to drill for oil would be a good benefit to our country.
  2. The second reason that land should be developed is because of the other natural resources. These resources such as water are shortening. 1.2-1.7 billion people are faced with water shortage from recent statistics and groundwater usage has tripled over the last 50 years. Energy is also need from these developed lands such as the oil and gas.
  3. The third reason that land should keep being developed on is because our population is growing. Population is going to increase in years to come and more housing is necessary for this growing population. If there are not enough homes to shelter the people in our country the homeless rate will increase and cause corruption in the U.S.
  4. The fourth reason that industrial development is good is because it provides building companies jobs. The employment rate in the United States has been going down through the years. If the land wasn't developed then many of the construction companies employees would become unemployed because they wouldn't have as many buildings to work on which would lower the unemployment rate even more. the government is trying to help the unemployed and make jobs more accessible and not risk a higher unemployment rate.
  5. The fifth and last reason land should continually be developed is because our economy would rise because we'd be getting more natural resources. Also these resources could be used to sell and trade to other countries, which would bring our country more wealth and overall help the economy.

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