Children of Chiraq

Where are they now and how have they moved on

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The Interrupters

This film shows how violence has affected children in Chicago. Since the film's release, they have found ways to ignore the violence and better themselves by graduating, painting, and joining CeaseFire.

Caprysha Anderson

Caprysha has made many mistakes in her life, but she is trying to better herself. Near the end of the film, Caprysha is seen walking away from CeaseFire's leader Ameena Mathews, where she confided that she has finally gone back to school three weeks after its starting date. A day later, Caprysha ends up in a juvenile correctional facility for violating her parole. Caprysha, while in the center, has gotten her high school diploma and has learned many life skills while in the program.

Eddie Bocanegra

Eddie was only seventeen when he murdered someone. While in prison, he learned how to paint and channel his emotions into art. He is affected deeply by seeing how violence affects children. He teaches children about painting and makes sure they stay off the streets. He also warns them about the dangers of gangs, tells his own life stories, and makes sure the kids stay off the streets. He is now enrolled at The University of Chicago in the Social Service Administration to help others. He also does public speaking in cities to inform others of how violence affects others.

Lil Mikey

Lil Mikey was released from prison during the film. In the film, he realized how much his siblings look up to him. He wanted to change himself and no longer be a violent person. He got a job at a day care center and then recently got a new job working as the youngest member of CeaseFire, a group that intervenes in youth violence. He now helps fifteen participants around the ages of 16 to 25 years old get jobs and therapy services.

Conclusion of Chiraq's Children

The film uses many techniques to show how violence effects children. It also shows how some of its main characters were greatly affected by it, but won't let the violence bring them down. Those affected have not let the violence get to them, but have instead graduated, taught children how to paint, and became a member of CeaseFire.