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Internet Safety

Online Safely

In today's technological world, we need to be aware of how to stay safe online. Social network users are getting younger and younger. Educating everyone on we safety is crucial. Stay private, honest, and safe online! On this page, Little Red Riding Hood will show us several examples to help us learn what to do to stay out of danger!

Are we feeling safe yet?

Recognizable characters recognize online safety!

Other fairy tale characters are great at giving advice on cyber wellness too. At this site little red riding hood teaches us about instant messaging, Snow White shows us about online gaming, the Three Little Pigs attack an internet virus, and Sleeping Beauty educates us on mobile device safety. There are more resources for the younger users at this website, Fun Online Safety. Professor Garfield has advice for you too!
Funmoods' Online Safety Kit - Little Red Riding Mood
Funmoods- Online Safety- Little Red Riding Mood Chap.2
Funmoods - Online Safety- Little Red Riding Mood- Chapter 3