Hello Parents!

A note from the Homeroom Moms

We are excited to be your homeroom moms and work as the liaison between Mrs. Beatty and the parents. Our jobs this school year consist of preparing for class parties, organizing monthly birthday celebrations, reaching out for chaperones for field trips, coordinating volunteer opportunities when needed, and helping with additional teacher requests and classroom or grade-level needs.

Angie Wheeler (mom to Jamison)

Susan Charles (mom to Justin)


The following dates are those designated for class parties for this school year:

Winter Holiday Party Thursday, December 19

Valentine's Day Party Friday, February 14

End of Year Party Wednesday, June 4

Teacher Appreciation Week May 5-9

Before each event, we will send an email with information regarding requests for volunteer assistance or donations. Parents may be asked to donate items such as paper goods, craft items, small party favors, or specified food items. (If you would prefer the homeroom moms to purchase an item on your behalf, you may send the money to the front office with our name on it, and we will gladly do so). There will also be a need for volunteers at these events, so stay tuned!


As each event approaches, we will send out a document through a website called Voluteerspot.com. This will be an easy way to keep track of donations and volunteer opportunities.

Favorite Things and Adopted Staff Member

A separate email will be on its way containing Mrs. Beatty's "favorite things". That will be helpful to you in knowing what things she likes and what her interests are. Her birthday is March 2, and we will plan something as a class for her around that time. Please know that ALL donations and participation on your behalf is completely voluntary. Also know that you are always welcome to send individual gifts for these occasions if you so desire.

We also have an adopted staff member, Mr. Davis, BCE's music teacher. We will be sure to recognize him as well on special occasions since he does not have his own homeroom class.


We are already seeking parents with a special creative talent or affection for art. We will need help throughout the year with door decorations. We will also need someone to help put together our Class Basket for the Spring Carnival. Please let us know soon if this is area you feel comfortable being called upon throughout the school year to help with. Thanks in advance!


Angie Wheeler, fivewheelers@att.net 540-314-5171 available by text

Susan Charles, scharles662002@yahoo.com 512-297-3407 available by text