Public Relations / Marketer Press

What is the role of a PR and Marketer?

PR also know as Public Relations/ Marketing Press

Public Relations is about building up your contacts, knowing the right people and making sure you have a good reputation. It's used to build up the trust and knowing whats an organisation. Public relations is aimed at the media, therefore your relationships with journalists, editors and stylists are the most important part of the role.

Marketing Press is all about releasing online information and promoting employers products, services or brand. In addition it's someone who managers the marketing techniques such as advertising, distributing and selling of a product to the clients in a well organised manner. You have to be organised and love communicating messages and ideas. It's an important job where you have to be motivated to be able to motivate and manage your team. You will have tight deadlines so you will have to work quickly.

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Public Relations

The skills needed to pursue a career in PR:

-Be able to manage time


-Being able to communicate your ideas clearly

-Brilliant writing skills

-Presentation skills


-Have excellent Teamwork skills

-Interested in the media

-Be able to multi-task

-Confident speaking

-Organised and have time skills


-Being able to work with all types of clients

PR's day-to-day role:

-Planning events, Campaigns

-Monitoring public opinions on clients/ employer

-Write edie leaflets

-Arrange company events

-Develops relationships with the media

-Arrange press launches conferences and open days

-Public speaking at events

-You can work in house or out


Theres no set qualifications to become a public relations officer, however its a very competitive industry and many employers are considered to have a degree.

PR's could do a degree in:


-Marketing and communication





The hours PR's work is 30 - 40 hours a week. There starting salary is £18,000 per year.


You can work for a PR agency/consultancy, or in-house for large companies, charities or the public sector. An in-house officer, could be promoted to PR manager or head of communications. You could progress to senior account executive and advertising, marketing or journalism.

Why PR? What PR Pros Do
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Marketing Manager

The skills needed to become a Marketing Manager:

-Brilliant spoken and written communication skills


-Good at planning skills

-Have the ability to lead and motivate a team

-Have good motivation towards a team

-Be able to work under pressure


-Be able to 'sell' your own ideas

-Pay attention to detail

-Have a good budgeting skills

-Good business sense

A Marketing managers day-to-day role:

-Review and keep up to date all technical product communications

-Marketing strategies

-Keeping up to date with technical communications

-Good with target markets

-Planning campaigns and managing budgets


-Attending conferences/ meetings

-Managing a team

A Marketer manager would roughly work 40 hours Monday to Friday however they may have to work overtime, for example at busy times running up to a campaign launch. You may also need to attend events in the evening or at weekends. Normal days you would work in an office but also you would travel to meet clients and attend conferences and launches.

How to become a marketer manager?

To become a Marketer manager you would usually need about three to five year experience as a marketing executive before you go into management.


Being a Marketer manager you would usually earn between £25,000 -£40,000 a year.


You would need about three - five years of experience as a marketing executive before moving into management. Jobs at management level would be more likely to be interested in your experience, skills and industry knowledge than your formal qualifications.


You may be employed by a marketing agency or consultancy or you could work for an in-house marketing department in all kinds of different businesses or public sector organisations. If you had experience, theres a chance you could promote to brand or account director, then marketing director. You can choose to become a freelance marketing consultant or set up your own consultancy.

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A day In the life of homechoice’s marketing manager, Richard Eberlein