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New You

Happy August!

I hope you all have had fantastic vacations! The summer is already coming to a close. We've wrapped; we've taken our fat fighters; and we've survived the heat! Now it's time to take our health and fitness goals to a whole notha level!

New You with It Works

Okay, friends,family, and It Works fans....while on vacation this past week with my family, I learned a little TMI about what New You can do. I gave my dad some New You to try because he is a very active 60 year old man. He rides his bike to work daily--about 26 miles roundtrip--and he takes his health very seriously. Though he's very fit and active, his lean muscle mass has not been as prominent as what it used to be! He's been trying the New You for about two weeks now. What I've learned about this product so far?? ...earmuffs, kids...New You can replace the need for a little drug called...Viagra. Yep, that's right ladies. Your 60 year old husbands might just save a few bucks and still have need to keep you satisfied! I have been a little too embarrassed to ask how the rest has been going, but it seems to be doing its job and then some! Try yours as a loyal customer for $49!

Brittany Thorn

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