State of School Tidbits

Crozet Elementary School

Expanding Our Horizons with Innovation

ACPS Vision -

All learners believe in their power to embrace learning, to excel, and to own their future.

ACPS Mission -

Establish a community of learners and learning through relationships, relevance, and rigor, one student at a time.

We value -

Excellence, Young People, Community, Respect

ACPS Strategic Plan - "Unleashing Each Student's Potential" - Horizon 2020

One Student-Centered Strategic Goal - All ACPS students will graduate having mastered the lifelong learning skills they need to succeed as 21st century learners, workers and citizens.

Crozet School Plan 2013/14

Goal 1 - Student Learning Goal - LLLS #3

All Crozet students will think analytically, critically, and creatively to pursue new ideas, acquire new knowledge and make decisions.

Goal 2 - School Climate/Culture

Create a collaborative school climate that respects individual differences and builds a sense of community.

Goal 3 - Digital Integration (D2015) - Professional Development for Teachers

Will learn and implement two ACPS design strand principles of Choice/Comfort = 4C's and Connectivity, essential in every learning space to increase student engagement.

Student Characteristics

Enrollment: 326

White: 85%

African American: 4%

Hispanic: 5%

Asian: 2%

Gifted Students: 3%

Special Education: 6%

Free/Reduced Lunch: 26%

ESOL: 4%

Females: 49%

Males: 51%

Teacher Characteristics

18 Classroom Teachers

Art, Music, Media Specialist, Gifted Resource Teacher

3 Instructional Coaches

Intervention/Prevention Specialist

ESOL teacher - part time

1.5 PE teachers

1.8 Special Education Teachers

Occupational Therapist, Speech, Pyschologist

School Counselor

10 Teachers with a Masters Degree

13 Teachers with a Bachelors Degree

1 Masters + 30 years

SOL Spring Data 2013

Crozet Elem is Fully Accredited

Met all State AMOs except pending in the area of Math for not showing growth from last year and the Priority Gap 1 student group (ESL, FRL, A.Am.) did not meet AMO benchmark for Math.

Reading SOL 3 Yr Pass Rate- 81.8%

2013 Reading SOL Scores - New Reading SOL test - new curriculum - scores dropped

3rd Grade - 66%

4th Grade - 57%

5th Grade - 75.5%

Math SOL 3 Yr Pass Rate - 74%

2013 Math SOL scores - Yr 2 for New Math SOL test

3rd Grade - 52.8%

4th Grade - 67.7%

5th Grade - 68%

For more detailed information about our SOL performance -

Above And Beyond

Teaching for 21st Century - Design 2015

Each grade level has used their grade level SOL to set a focus for students to explore “Who We Are” while expanding their ability to pursue interests and curious questions meaningfully and share their work locally ­and globally. Art, Music, PE, Media Specialist, Gifted and Special Education teachers are all connected to a specific grade level. We want our students to grow in their understanding of being connected to our world through many relationships--with people, with our environment, with our local community and across the globe.

Making it all fit Together

Crozet PTO

President - Tricia Ross

Vice President - DJ Stoeberl

Treasurer - Beth Bassett

Jr. Treasurer - Meagan MacQueen

Secretary - Kelli Hughes

Budget 2013 - 2014

Operational Budget - $96,217.00

Required 10% Holdback - $9,621.70

Leaving the Budget at $86, 596

Allocation per pupil - $265.63

Intervention/Prevention funds - $16, 808

PALs Tutoring - $5,304


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