Safety Online

How to stay safe online

Posting pictures and videos

We live in the 21st century nearly everybody has a camera whether its on your phone or a proper camera and everybody takes pictures and posts them on social network or sends it to their friends. There can be risks of doing that especially if your not careful what you post or send when you put it online you have lost control of it anyone can see it if your not careful.

If you send a picture to your friend they can send it to anybody from there.

You need to be careful about what you post and send you can do this by limiting the amount of people who can see your stuff and not posting embarrassing pictures. If you post something like that it's never to late to ask for help you can easily report the picture or video and then get help from an adult you trust.

Dangerous people online

Never trust anybody you don't know on the internet they can trick you into meeting and then can do anything from blackmailing you to do sexually abusing you, if somebody seems suspicious or tries to make you do something report abuse and tell an adult you trust.

Your rights on the internet

On the internet you do not have to agree to anything somebody wants or tells you to do if somebody is abusing/threatening/blackmailing you all you have to do is report abuse and it will be taken care of.

Sean Williams