19th Amendment

Government Research Assignment caitlin gaffney

What took place in this significant event

  • Women won their right to vote.
  • During marches the women were sometimes beaten
  • It took 70 years to pass this amendment

Ways the women fought for their right to vote

  • Women went on Marches, Parades, and Pickets
  • The Senica Falls Convention
  • The Washington D.C. protest in 1913

Some obstacles the women faced

  • Challenged the existing order
  • Many women didnt want it
  • Fear of loss of female rights
  • Womens essential femininity would be sacrificed
  • National needs come first
  • Resistance of liberal/ left polititions

It was an amendment and the law stated

  • "Voting shall not be denied on account of sex"
  • In order for women to get the right to vote the 19th Amendment had to be passed

Significant figures during the womens sufferage

  • Susan B Anthony
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Lucretia Mott ( she called the Senica Falls Convention)

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