Locations of the Lewis and Clark

By: Caleb

Old Cohokia Courthouse

From December of 1803 to spring of 1804 Lewis and Clark stayed during the winter to communicate with the president and to gather resources.

Tavern Cave

On May 23, 1804 Lewis and Clark found a cave full of limestone and called it Tavern Cave. This cave was very know to the natives living around the area.

Rochport Historic District

This place was marked on Clarks notes. This place had lots of lime stone and there were very good drawing with red, blue, and white flint.

Fort Osage

Lewis Saw this place think it would be an amazing place for a fort. Clark established the fort and Fort Osage was one of the first military forts of the Luisiana purchase.

Fort Atkinson

Lewis and Clark set of camp on July 30, 1804. This Fort held the first Indian counsel. Also Clark celebrated his 34th birthday at this fort.

Saughter River

This place was called slaughter river because when Lewis and Clark got there, there were hundreds of dead buffalo.

Tower Rock

This rock marked the end of the first phase and the start of the second.

3 Forks of the Missouri

they reached this point on July 25, 1805. This was 2,500 Miles away from where they started.

Lolo Trail

This trail was found in 1805, and was very hard for them to cross many thought they wouldn't make it alive.

Lemhi Pass

In August 1805. Lewis and Clark along with 3 other members of the group left to go look for indians. Then they saw this pass stretching 2 miles long.