Cheif Justice John Marshall

By: Champagne Miller and Andrew Goblet

Marbury Vs. Madison: 1803

John Adams named 42 Justices of the peace and 16 new circuit court justices for the District of Columbia using The Organic Act. The commissions were signed by John Adams and sealed by Secretary of State, John Marshall. William Marbury was an intended recipient of an appointment as justice of the peace. The Judiciary Act of 1789 had given the Supreme Court original jurisdiction.

Fletcher Vs. Peck: 1810

The case Fletcher Vs. Peck k was the first case in the Supreme Court that invalidated a state law over powering to the Constitution.The case ended in rescinding The Bill of 1795.

Martin Vs. Hunter's Lessee: 1816

The Supreme Court made its authority of the Judiciary Act of 1789 to review state court decisions dealing with federal law. The Court rejected the notion of dual judicial sovereignty, so the state courts and the federal courts have separate ranges of power, and instead enforced the power of federal courts over federal law.

Cohens Vs. Virginia: 1821

An act of the United States Congress authorized the operation of a lottery in the District of Columbia. The Cohens brothers proceeded to sell D.C. lottery tickets in common wealth of Virginia, which violated state laws. They were fined $100.

Dartmouth College Vs. Woodward: 1819

The King of England gave a charter to Dartmouth College, this document had the structure and set-up of the school written. The king also gave land to the college in 1816 the New Hampshire State Legislature passed laws that revised the document. So the college went from private to public.

McCullogh Vs. Maryland:1819

Maryland imposed a tax on all the banks in Maryland not chartered by the state. The document provided that all of those banks weren't allowed to issued bank notes unless they were given a stamped paper issued by the state. McCulloch, the cashier of the Baltimore of the Bank of the United States, used bank notes without complying with the Maryland law. The state court where the case was held for Maryland and McCulloch appealed the case.