Inhaling the truth: Vaping/E-cigs

Information and potential health risks associated with use.

"Vaping is completely safe and is a much better alternative to smoking!"

Unfortunately the common misconception of using vaporizers and e-cigs are not completely correct. Indeed they don't involve the chemicals and the exposure to tobacco but the long term research and the use of inhaling the products have led researchers to potential health risks in regards to the lungs and throat. This article is to inform you of the dangers and side effects of using such substances.

Personal experience

I would describe myself open minded and like taking different opportunities to ease my curious mind. I do vape and can tell you from experience that it really looks appealing because of the beautiful smoke tricks and the mocking of smoking an actual hookah or cigarette. However I do not own one and that I suggest to take into consideration that it can be addictive. Family and friends around me use these devices daily and are constantly inhaling unknown substances. They are indeed knowledgeable of the risks and the using this device should have the same mentality as drinking or smoking casually. I stand by the idea that our lungs aren't meant to take the punishment of inhaling possible toxins but also defend that these should be allowed to be used for recreational fun. Just like drinking beer or smoking a cigarette, know the possible risks of using these substances. You are in control of your body.

Fancy and appealing tricks

Vape Tricks

Is vaping healthier than smoking?

Many sources and researches across the internet have no precise and conclusive data on if vaping is truly a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, the ScienceNews website states, “Because e-cigarettes burn nothing, they release no smoke,” (5). It may be true there is no sure evidence of being a complete and safe method of smoking but there is the fact that vapor is produced and not actual smoke is being inhaled into your lungs.


There are many regulations on vapes nowadays and it's always safe to assume that most states are putting them into effect in a similar way as cigarettes. This interactive map from this e-cig blog can show the legality in all states here. (6)

Known Health Risks

According to a Tobacco Control website, there are known side effects to using vapes. Contents used in the vapes called, "Aerosolised propylene glycol and glycerol produce mouth and throat irritation and dry cough," (8). When using a vape, take in mind that every individual may react differently to the substance. Just like people being allergic to shrimp or foods that they are not known to be allergic to, it could be a definite health risk if ignorant to the possible effects.


A BBC article explained that all e-cigs and vapes do not have to have a specific regulation on the amount of nicotine present within the juice substance. "Unlike patches and gum, e-cigarettes are not regulated like medicines. It means there are no rules for example about the purity of the nicotine in them," (7) Using careful research and reliable sources can lead you to different types of juices and even non-nicotine ones.