Mrs Smith's 6th grade earth science By Tyler How

Science Projects!

The Earthquake PBL is where we got supplies and we build a house for Tony Stark. We made a house out of materials and make a house to survive a "earthquake." The house i built was a classic house with a roof. the walls were Popsicle sticks and so was the roof. My house did survive the "earthquake."

The 30 hands project was based on the earth. Kind of like Global Climate change, Green House Affect, Global warming and more. We put SOME of the information on pic collage and used iMovies to make a video of it. we put ALL of the info about the topic on a script that we read off of.

My project is solving global warming by taking in the warm air and turning it into cool air. Its called the Global Cooler. Its a innovation of a A/C. It helps by cooling some of the air in the sky.