Being President

Job qualifications


To be president, you need to be at least 35 years old with being a resident for 14 years. You need to be a Native born citizen.

Salary and perks

-The salary of being president is $400,000

-Perks are:

- traveling


-the White House (which has a bowling alley, movie theater, tennis courts, and putting green)

-Air Force and Marine

- limousine

- lots of staff

-retreat house


-guest house

-secret service protection

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Constitutional powers: Article II


-commander in chief

-commission all military officers of US

-treaties with senate

-receive ambassadors


-appoint ambassadors, judges, and Supreme Court

-grant pardons and reprieves

-deliver annual State of the Union address

-call house of congress into session

-Judicial Legislative

-all laws that are passed are carried out

-appoints heads of executive departments

-carries out the cabinet

  • The power that I think is most important is the Judicial Legislative. I think this because if it wasn't for this, the laws would not be official and we wouldn't have any laws OR some the laws would not be good because of advice from other people.

Six rolls of the President

Chief of state: performs cerimonial functions.

Chief executive: enforces laws and treaties.

Commander in chief: leads nations and armed forces.

Chief diplomat: directs foreign policy.

Chief legislator: signs or vetoes a bill in Congress.

Political party leader: helps members of party get elected.

My Position as President

As we all know, ISS has been a huge issue, not only in the United States, but also around the world. As Chief of Diplomat, I would talk with other nations to talk about what we need to do for the world to keep it safe from this. And also being Cammander in Chief, I would keep the armed force open to this situation and always on guard when needed. ISS has been threatening to hurt people and countries. As the president, I would step up and do whatever it takes to make sure ISS is t going to hurt anyone and that we will all be safe.