Stop bullying

Why their Bullying

  • They can have problems at home with family.
  • There older brother or sister are bullying them.
  • They can get there anger out on someone else.
  • Just for fun.

People that got bullied

How to help the Bully

  • Talk about there problems.
  • Tell them to get your anger out is not to always bully someone.
  • Help them understand that people want to help them and tell them that bullying is not the right thing to do.

Cause of Bullying

  • People can suicide.
  • They can get mental issues from what the bully says.
  • Can cut out the people out from the world.

The Graph of Bullying

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Why we picked this Topic

  • Wanted to learn more about.
  • Why the bully bully's people.
  • To tell people that bullying is wrong.

By: Neshmi Z, Mckenley M, Mekhi H