Scottsboro Boys

Gabrielle Czajkowski

Need to know about Scottsboro Boys

The Scottsboro boys were nine African American youths that were from Scottsboro. These nine African Americans youths were accused of raping two white women in 1931 and were sentaced to death. The young African Americans aged from 13-21 all of them were charged with assult and accused with rape. Luckily the American Communist Party was a big part of the political campaign attacking the vigilante torture and killing of Southern blacks. The American Communist party took this case beacuse they thought it was unfair. Both of the women who were "supposedly" raped had got examined by a doctor and there was no sign of rape. One of the women even denied that she was raped. All of the boys were relased for of the boys were paroled and one gained freedom in 1950 almost 20 years later. Another one of the boys remained in prison due to a murder.

Important Person - Victoria Price

Victoria Price was one of the women who got raped. Victoria was 21 years old. Victoria played a big part in this case because these nine youth African American youths had supposedly raped her another ladie named Ruby Bates. Ruby Bates confessed to not ever being raped while, Victoria Price even forty years later still remains saying she had got raped. VIctoria and Ruby both agreed to testify against the nine boys and they were charged with assult. In the end the two girls were examined by a doctor and there was no sign of rape.

Important Facts

1931 March 25: Nine young African American children were charged with assault and accused of rape.

1931 April 6-9: All of the boys were convicted and sentanced to death.

1931 June 22: The executions of the defendants are stayed pending appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court.