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Sexual assault occurs heavily in the military for both male and females happening with females 3 times as much. According to pentagon officials 18,900 people were estimated to have been in a sexual assault in the military with 6,000 reports of actual sexual assault occurring in that year which was a 70% increase from 1012 showing that those that are victims of the assault are more confident in being defended in these situations. This is a huge issue since most of the victims are very unlikely to come out with reports since they feel as though they do not have a chance of having justice done. The military views as a huge issue that they must be able to overcome having investigators on it. The military men and women who are hurt by this feel weak and as they cannot stand up against those who do this. Many things are being done to ensure those that are victims come out and report what happened. This is done by laws that make it illegal to go against someone who is claiming that they were sexually assaulted. Organizations such as the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office are the point if authority that oversee's the claims and issues being dealt with.These are all done to ensure that victims do not become afraid to report it like the 86% that went unreported in 2014.

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