Arthropod: Sea Spider

By, Madison Ion

Normal Habitat and Body Description

The sea spider also know as Colossendeis Megalonyx lives on the ocean floor down to a depth of 4.9 kilometers on the surface of sessile animal colonies or seaweed. Mostly found in Antarctica, South America, Africa, and Madagascar. The Colossendeis megalonyx has a leg span of 25 centimeters more or less then the world's larges land spider. Their bodies don't appear to have much else apart from their long legs and proboscis because it's organs are in it's legs.

Feeding Habits and Life

This particular sea spider is a carnivore that eats worms, jellyfish, and sponges. They have large proboscis to suck up their food. The male spider carries the eggs until they hatch as unique protony mphon. They look like miniature versions of the adult.