Gregor Mendel

Genetics research


Gregor Mendel was a poor but smart man. He did the foundation research for heredity.

Early Years


  • He got transferred to a different school because he was smart
  • He was accepted into The University of Olomouc

  • He was poor so he had to tutor to pay for school
  • He failed the test to graduate

Research Information

  • He wanted to cross long-stem and short-stem pea plants
  • The round seed shape,yellow pod color, long stem happened 3x more than the angular seed shape, green pod and short stem
  • Green and yellow plants makes yellow everytime


He wanted to cross as many pea plants as possible.

  • Seed shape-2.959:1
  • Pod color-2.816:1
  • Stem length-2.841:1

The ratio average is 3ish


His work is now called Mendel's Laws and his work was the foundation for discovering how traits are passed through parents to children.

Other Scientists Reactions

Most other scientists didn't think that Mendel found anything new. They thought that they already had found that research out and they didn't fully understand.

Words to Know


  • Takes over
  • Dark hair takes over the light haired trait

  • Gets taken over
  • No dimples is taken over by dimples

  • Trait that is neither dominate or recessive, both will show up
  • Chicken- Both white and black feathers would show up