Stephen F. Austin


Stephan F. Austin

     He was born on November 3, 1793 and he died on December 27, 1836 he was a great man because, he lead men into Texas/Mexico and he is also a great man because of his father was a man that wanted a constitution for Texas.Moses Austin, founder of the american lead industry and the first man to obtain permission to bring Anglo-American settlers into Spanish Texas.Moses Austin was born on October 4, 1761 and he died on June 10, 1821.

Stephan F. Austin

 Stephan F. Austin was a emrasario but I do not think hes dad was though and there were people that pretended to be empresarios and tried to get a land grants.Then there were those people that had no home at all so Stephen F. Austin tried to help them so they can.Stephan Fuller Austin he was born in Virginia and he was raised in southeastern Missouri.