Dass's Dot's Monthly Newsletter

January 2014

Welcome 2014!

January was such a great month! We started with Dot Dollars, Director's Retreat and the launch of our Spring Collection.

At Director's Retreat, Jessica mentioned numerous times how this year is going to be LEGENDARY! As a company, we are positioned for explosive growth! I don't know about you, but personally, that excites me! And it's already proving to be true as we welcomed four new stylists: Kristi, Britany, Jessica and Courtney! Welcome ladies!

And as a team our sales increased 292% over last January! EXTRAORDINARY!!

On to February! Let's break some more records!

Qualified Sales ($500+)

Top in Sales

1 Heidi Nowitzke $3,188.07

2 Ashley Carson $1,689.18

3 Michelle Folk $1,674.76

4 Ann Dassinger $1,393.00

5 Melinda Gray $829.00

6 Cassandra Cohen $818.75

7 Tiffani Nolan $797.00

8 Kristen Danbeck $713.24

9 Danna Sanders $552.50

10 Kelsey Renchler $550.25

11 Meleah Spencer $533.00

12 Kendell Bachman $527.40

13 Christi Tenholder $515.00

Dates to Remember

February 7: Quick start bonus deadline! Sell $1000 by Feb. 7th (Jan sales count) and get a total of $200 in free product credit.

March 5: Brighten your Life Tour in Kansas City. Training with Danielle and April Price

Favorite Blue Card Purchase

This business works when you work and when you work you are generously compensated on your Little Blue Card! Here's what fellow stylists love using their Little Blue Card for:

"More Stella & Dot!" --Kelsey Renchler, Lead Stylist

"Shoes! But my favorite purchase will be when I swipe the card to pay for our next child!"--Michelle Folk, Lead Stylist

"Fridge and Stove, trip to Seattle, San Antonio and soon to be trip to Austraila!! And it pays for my Stitch Fixes too!" Heidi Nowitzke, Star Stylist

"Private gymnastics lessons for Lilly" --Ashley Carson, Associate Director