Walt Disney

Seeing who Walt Disney really was.

The beginnings of Walt Disney

In Chicago on December 5, 1901, Walter Elias Disney, just a boy with a dream, was born. Just two years after, his sister, Ruth, was born. In 1906, Walt's family moved to Marceline, Missouri. This is when his remembered childhood began. They now lived near a noisy train track that, now and then, catches Walt's ear for the reason of his uncle arrival. The Disneys lived on a farm. That ment, that they had to work and take care of all the animals. In order for the Disneys to get groceries, they had to pay for food, by trading with molasses. However, in 1910, the Disney moved to Kansas city, but this was no quiet farm town, this was a bustling city of its time. To support the family, Walt and Roy had to deliver the morning and evening papers, since his dad elias became the distributer of the city's newspapers. Science Walt and Roy were helping out so much, this supported the family financially.

Walt Disney as an cartoon artist

Walt first new he was going to start life as a cartoon artist after preforming a small skit with his pal and his pal's father on a stage. Walt loved the idea of entertaining people and making them smile, but he had a great skill in the drawing industry. He them started his own compony called Disney. He had only a small amount of people, they were young. He expanded his company where he created the Disney figures that we know today. This led to him being multi-millionaire. with this money, he created Disneyland. He knew that this was not enough, so he built Disneyworld. Before the opening of Disneyworld, Walt had sadly passed away of old age on December 15, 1966, but his name was never forgotten.
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