Music Has Power

Peyton Stevenson

Why I chose music for memory

I chose this topic, first, because i love music i listen to it all the time. Music is actually one of the things that people memorize the easiest. I mean who doesn't know all the words to their favorite song. I think this could help me and other perfect memorization.

Why Music Works

This topic of Music Therapy for memory is very successful in not just memorization but moods to. It is explained to work because it honestly takes none to very little attention and smarts to function toward a song and like it more then other things. The brain loves rhythmic patterns.

what it does to the brain and what experiemtns have been done on it.

The brain when listening to music produces a lot of hormone glands to produce what ever feeling that song brings you, to bring back long term memories. Parts of the brain do fail. The parts being used are the hippocampus and the thalamus. All which perform long term memory. There was a study done by scientist in which they brought individuals through this process in which they had some listen to music selectively and some listen to music on there own. They found people had a better mood and memory if picked there own mood.

Interesting facts

Music brings out the best moods in people rather it be sad happy or mad. It can and will bring out that mood. It can help with sleep, memory, and happiness. Studies have shown that certain songs can even sometimes bring back deep memories for elderly people of there childhood.
Memory Moments - Music Therapy