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I have been sending this new form of news letter. I hope everyone is enjoying it :).

The Board Questions are going to start coming Bi Weekly. This seems to give everyone a chance to answer the questions posted. (If you are curious about the question this week try looking here.)

We are still having an ongoing doodle challenges on the second board. Look for upcoming Doodle Offs!

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Lost Sock Memorial Day

9th May each year

It’s inevitable – for every load of laundry you sort through, there are odd socks. Over time, you may even find that you end up with entire drawers and storage boxes filled with odd socks. But worry not! Lost Sock Memorial Day is all about commemorating the other (lost) halves of the pairs of socks which are still with us. Here’s to their memory.

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Stay Up All Night Night

10th May each year

Everyone has pulled an all-nighter at least once in their lives—some for fun, like singing songs around a campfire, others for something not so fun, like finishing homework due the next day or working a late shift. For one day of the year, you can stay up in unison as hundreds of people across the world celebrate Stay Up All Night Night! This is a chance to let loose and make some exciting plans with your friends, or just see where the night takes you. Whatever happens, the rule is simple: no sleep till morning! So why not challenge yourself and see how long you can stay awake before nodding off, or why not have your friends stay over and place a bet on who will fall asleep first? As long as you don’t have anything important to do the next day, go for it!

The History of Stay Up All Night Night

Staying up all night is definitely no new concept. People like medical professionals have been staying up all night to do their jobs for hundreds of years, with countless people’s lives depending on whether they would have their wits about them at 3 a.m. Today, tens of other jobs require work to be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the United States, an estimated 26% of the population works nights, so it is quite probable that you know someone who does this. What you may not know, however, is just how many risks working nights poses to your health, from sleep disturbances to obesity, from fatigue to depression, and from cardiovascular disease to fertility problems, to name but a few. And can you imagine just how hard it could be to concentrate on performing a complex medical procedure in the middle of the night? Stay Up All Night Night was created to help those of use who don’t have to stay up all night to do our jobs understand how much effort actually goes into that.

How to Celebrate Stay Up All Night Night

The best way to celebrate this night is to stay up all night. Of course, you don’t have to make a point of trying to work through the night, as it could be difficult for a person who doesn’t do this on an everyday basis to focus properly. It’s enough that you try to stay awake all through the night, whatever you may be doing. So, are you up for a challenge? Great! Have some friends come over and do something to keep you all awake. You can stay up and cook or bake, play your favorite card game, go out on the town, or watch movies (horror movies maybe more effective at keeping people awake!). Basically, you can do anything you want, although consuming alcohol could be very counterproductive, as it tends to make people sleepy. If you want to make things more interesting, maybe every person coming over to spend the night can put up a certain sum of money, with the person staying awake the longest getting to take the jackpot? Whatever you decide to do, this night is almost certain to be an eye-opener to everyone who thinks that staying awake all night when everyone you know is asleep is just as easy as staying awake during daylight hours.

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Mother Ocean Day

10th May each year

Water is essential to human life. In fact, it is essential to all of the forms of life known to humankind in general, as there are no known species that can survive without it. Though marine biologists are unsure just how many kinds of creatures reside in our planet’s 5 oceans, it is estimated that about one-quarter of all of the Earth’s species do. Not to mention how very important the oceans are to our civilization—for thousands of years, braving their waters has been one of the bravest feats a human being could accomplish, one that often led to amazing discoveries and the general increase of our knowledge of the planet we inhabit. For all of these reasons and many, many more, Mother Ocean Day is a long-overdue celebration of our oceans in all of their majesty and peril.

The History of Mother Ocean Day

Mother Ocean Day is relatively a new celebration, as it was introduced for the first time in 2013. It is a concept thought up by the South Florida Kayak Fishing Club that has since sought the approval of the City of Miami to declare this a day official. The point, of course, is to take a day to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the ocean, and it is no surprise that inhabitants of Florida were the ones to come forward with this idea, as Florida is famous for particularly gorgeous white sand beaches and clear, aquamarine waters.

How to Celebrate Mother Ocean Day

There are many things people can do on Mother Ocean Day, what’s important is to pay homage to this incredible force of nature and enjoy what it has to offer to the full. Taking to the waves, whether this be on a boat or a surfboard, is one way to enjoy the day. Snorkeling and diving are both unforgettable ways to get to know the ocean better by taking a look at some of the plants, fish and other creatures living in it. If you prefer to stay on dry land, a picnic on the beach enjoying the calm, soothing sound of the waves could be the perfect way for you to appreciate the ocean. Just remember to clean up afterwards! And for those who wish to celebrate the day from the comfort of their own home, eating a meal made from foods of the ocean, such as fish and shellfish, could be a deliciously appropriate way to go about observing this occasion. For example, have you ever tried langoustines? Langoustines are an excellent alternative to lobsters, as they are much cheaper, but have a similar flavor some chefs even find superior to lobster because of its delicate sweetness. They are also surprisingly easy to prepare—all you really need is some salty water to briefly boil them, and some garlic butter to brush over them. If you love your barbecue, langoustines can also be barbecued and then dipped in a simple dijon mustard sauce. Originally, langoustines were eaten in Europe, but they have recently become popular in North America as well, so if you have never tried them, this day is the perfect time!

However, regardless of whether it’s Mother Ocean Day or not, we should always respect the oceans and the beaches leading into them by never polluting them in any way, so future generations can enjoy them as much as we do today.

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Eat What You Want Day

11th May each year

Many people spend time stressing over their diet, and what they should or shouldn’t eat, mainly because today’s world is filled with magazine covers sporting perfectly toned, perfectly tanned models that constantly make us feel inadequate. The various health food fads that seem to come and go every few weeks definitely don’t help, either—as it turns out, a gluten-free diet is not particularly good for anyone who isn’t actually allergic to gluten, juice cleanses deprive us of the protein and fat our bodies need to function properly, and taking too many vitamin supplements just makes our urine expensive when our bodies flush the excess. If you, like many people these days, are beginning to feel disillusioned with all of these things, you will be glad to hear about Eat What You Want Day.

The History of Eat What You Want Day

Eat What You Want Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of wellcat.com to help people break away from the frustrating health and diet trends of our times, if for only one day, and just let go and enjoy life a little. Most nutritionists seem to agree that giving yourself a break every now and again can actually be good for us, and that forcing ourselves to eat only low-calorie, tasteless foods for prolonged periods of time is likely to cause us to suddenly gorge on everything in sight when our determination wears off.

How to Celebrate Eat What You Want Day

It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine how to celebrate this holiday, really. You can eat whatever you want, isn’t that enough cause for celebration? Everyone is different, so for some people, this will mean pigging out on junk food. They will stop counting calories and go berserk, eating everything from ice cream to chocolate to cake and pie, and then some cookies with ice cream washed down with hot chocolate, and then some ice cream cake. You get the picture.

However, nowhere in the holiday’s description does it say that you have to take this route to gastronomic satisfaction. Aficionados of gourmet cuisine can choose to celebrate by splurging on a meal at a five star restaurant. Do you love lobster, but rarely order it because of its price tag? Understandable, but today is the day to take a break. So call the poshest place in your city and spend an evening feasting on your favorite delicacies and perhaps washing them down with a nice bottle of wine. Or, alternatively, you can try to recreate a favourite childhood meal in your home. Did your Mom use to make the best macaroni and cheese? Call her up and get the recipe! Nothing beats a good comfort food to make us feel full, happy and sleepy all at the same time, so forget about fat and carbs just this once and enjoy a bowl (or pot) of that filling, creamy goodness. Or maybe you’re a strict vegetarian who can’t help but miss steak or shrimp every now and then—if so, maybe you should treat yourself to something you wouldn’t usually eat just to reward your body for the tasty things it has to go without on a daily basis? The key is to eat something that you truly enjoy, so whatever food that is for you, get celebrating!

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Top Gun Day

13th May each year

In 1986 the movie Top Gun came roared into theatres like an F-14 Tomcat. It got a missile lock on the box office and shot down just over $356 million, making it the 11th highest grossing movie of Tome Cruise’s career. The movie centers on Maverick, a hot shot pilot, who is sent to the US Navy’s Fighter Weapons school.

The actual school was formed in 1969 by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Thomas Hinmman Moorer, at the recommendation of Captain Frank Ault. During Operation Rolling Thunder, the United States lost nearly 1,000 aircraft over North Vietnamese skies. The USAF and Navy both sought the causes, but came to two divergent conclusions. The Air Force believed that the fault was mechanical: that MiG pilots caught American pilots in a rear blind spot. The Navy decided that the failure was in training. The Air Force responded by developing new technology, while the Navy started the Top Gun school, paving the way for 110 minutes of heart pounding action, backed by a roaring theme song.

Top Gun Day celebrates the movie, but at its core is all about attitude. It teaches about the importance of teamwork…and shirtless volleyball. So how do you take the highway to the danger zone? Start by reliving the adventures of Goose, Maverick and the Iceman. Go to a karaoke bar and sing “She’s Lost that Loving Feeling” and “Take My Breath Away.” Why not try to play a little volleyball yourself. Shirtlessness is optional, of course. Download some Kenny Loggins and blast “Danger Zone” out of your car windows as loud as you can.

Maybe karaoke isn’t your thing and the weather isn’t good enough for sports. You can still find other ways to enjoy the holiday. There are a ton of quotable lines you can use. For instance, you can ask your friends for permission to buzz the tower. If they say no, do it anyway. If they ask YOU to buzz the tower, be sure to say “Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full,” just be prepared for them to buzz you anyway. Tell everyone you see that you have the need, the need for speed.

Host a Top Gun party. Invite people to dress up like the characters and play Top Gun trivia games before settling in to watch the movie. Grab a pair of dark aviator glasses and an old leather jacket. For an added challenge, try to find a pair of overalls to convert into a flight suit! You could even make it a double feature with some other jet-fighter movies of the era, like the lesser known Iron Eagle, which actually came out a few months BEFORE Top Gun.

There are also two Top Gun video games currently available. The first is simply called Top Gun and was released for iOS devices by Freeverse Software. The second is called Top Gun: Hardlock. It comes from 505 Games, and is playable on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

There are many ways one could enjoy and relieve the excitement of the movie, but perhaps one of the more meaningful things you could do is to find a member of the armed forces, particularly an aviator, and thank them for keeping the skies safe. Ultimately, without someone up there, we might not have the movie, or the day, down here.

However you choose to celebrate, be sure to raise a glass for Goose, Maverick, Iceman and the rest of Top Gun class of 1986. Let the world know that you haven’t lost that loving feeling, even after all this time.

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