Come to canada, please.

From the lush prairies to the majestic rockies Canada is filled with amazing adventure and luxury with have everything from snowboarding to canoeing, it is the last great adventure.
Immigration to Canada: A few things that you should know!
There are three main types of imagration Refugee this is where canada takes in people who are in danger because war or corrupt government. Next is family this is when you have family living in canada this means you cant be denied entry to canada. Finally there is buisness this form of imagrant is granted acsess to canada because of there academics to help canadas economy.This helps canada grow and become a bigger better country.this contry is the safest in the world with lowest crime rate. cleanest wter in the world and it has the best medical care wich is free
Canada offers more oppertunities to people who are in the economic class of immigrants. With oil prices going up, people who work in the oil industries jobs will be worth more. You're most likely to be payed well. Minimum wage in Canada is $10.27.