Common Misconceptions about GT Kids

by Rachel Mastellar

Big Ideas

  1. The analogy between GT students and sports players is amazing! GT learners still need to be guided and coached to learn how to use their gift. They should be led on the right path for them so they can be the most successful they can be.
  2. They are still kids!
  3. Background, skin color, ethnicity, SES, disabilities, and experience have nothing to do with creating someone who is GT.

Lingering Questions

  1. What can we do to help educate parents further on what GT really looks like in a child?
  2. What has the drop out rate of GT students come to since 1991? Have our training's for teachers been effective for students?


I can be more proactive with my GT learners by creating meaningful and challenging tasks for them to complete. I know that not all of my GT learners will need this in mathematics so I will use the data from formative assessments and pre-tests to determine what areas I need to help them grow in.