Science & Health

For Parents & Guardians of 7th Grade RJMS Students


In 7th Grade Science, the students have been getting used to the exciting curriculum that this course offers. Students have already been able to use their observation skills to come up with the "seven characteristics of living things" through observing classroom specimens, videos, and other examples. Students even conducted an experiment to determine if yeast are living things!

Students are also learning about cells - the basic unit of living things. Students learned the basics of microscopes, used their Chromebooks to research organelles within cells, and started observing actual cells with the microscopes! Today we used a virtual tour of plant and animal cells to see the difference between these cells! Tomorrow they get to use their microscope skills and resources to see their ACTUAL cells!

Students are also now able to use Google Classroom to turn in assignments and for more information on assignments, lessons, extra credit opportunities, and additional resources I've added - such as the cell organelle games!


In Health, students reflected on their personal dimensions of health including mental, social, physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual. Students made goals to improve four of these dimensions of health. In addition, we started our first unit of this curriculum, Teenage Hygiene. Students are currently combining what they learned about deodorant to their background knowledge of advertising to create their own deodorant ads! Students are using their Chromebooks or class resources for this mini project.

DON'T FORGET! Students now have access to my Science and Health Google Classrooms for Assignments!

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