Science Is REAL

Mr. Morris

6th Grade Science at Taylor Middle School

Buckle Up!

This is the Year Science Gets REAL

In this very classroom, for the next 10 months, you'll learn more about this world and the universe it's in, then you've learned in all of elementary school.

You'll meet the elements: the 100 or so ingredients that make everything in the universe, and determine ones are the most important to the Earth, to the atmosphere, and to us.

You'll investigate what heat really is, and how the three ways it moves around makes life on earth possible.

You'll examine how the energy that lights your house, charges your cell phone, and runs your future electric car, is mostly made in power stations by transforming energy gathered by plants millions of years ago.

You'll demonstrate the difference between potential and kinetic energy, and how changing between the two forms makes everything happen.

You'll look up to the heavens and learn about the planets, their moons, and everything else that's out there, how gravity ties them all together, how we've explored the vastness of space so far, and how we might go even further in your lifetime.

You'll look down to the Earth to see that the rocky surface we live on is but a thin peel covering a hot molten interior, and that crust that seems so solid is really cracked into puzzle pieces that are in constant slow motion, causing earthquakes to rumble, volcanoes to spew, mountains to rise and trenches to stretch across the ocean floor.

You'll come to understand the most fascinating miracle in the universe: the living cell, the building block that makes all living things, and discover how those living things all fit together in our world.

This is the year your adventure into science begins. It's an adventure we set out on thousands of years ago, and it will continue for thousands more. Are you ready? Then buckle up: This Year, Science is REAL.

First Unit: Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids