The Heavenly News

by Jasmine L. Reaves

Where Did Men Go Wrong?

God gave you authority over the world, but that does not mean abuse your authority. Do you think He wants you to treat people in the world any type of way? No, and if you think He does, than you do not know your God. The enemy treats people badly, so what that makes you? It hurts my soul to witness in 2013, the disrespect that men have towards themselves and others. For example, a young woman walks down the street to the store and three young men are standing at the corner. She walks passed them and one of the young men says to her, “hey come here lil mama!” But she continues walking. One of the other young men yells out, “you ugly anyways!” Then he calls her out her name. Who do you think you are to disrespect the woman that God created from your rib?! Women were created to be your helper and you their provider. She cooks, cleans, maintains the household, works, motivates her man, and keeps her focus on the Lord, but does that mean just because you are bringing home the bacon, you cannot help her within your home? I just said, "she works too (Proverbs 31)!" I do not care how much men say, “I do not love women” or “I want to be a player for life”. Deep down inside your soul God has planted a passion for a wife in you. You just have to mature into it, allow the Holy Spirit to transform you. I care for the men, especially the youth and I want to help men get back to the root of God's purpose for you and not Satan's (Genesis chapters 1-3).

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Satan's Plan

The enemy doesn't not want you to have what God has for you, rather you are saved or not. He wants you to be buried in religion, so you cannot live in freedom with the truth! look at the world, evil men are killing and misusing women for the sake of their own pleasure (read the book of Proverbs). Do not be like them, make a good difference in the world and do not be afraid of them, for God keeps his hand on you! Women need you to become the righteous ruler/leader/king that you are. Heal the men, heal the land!

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Do not think as though because I am a woman that I cannot instruct you about being a man. I have a son of my own and I act in a way that he will look up to me and desire to have the type of woman he see his mother be. Please contact me if you need advice. My facebook and twitter link is underneath contact me and my e-mail is below. Do not hesitate to inbox me. Love you all, Peace and Prosperity is upon God's Children!
Phil Allen-When I Became a Man