Knight Notes

December 5, 2017


Good morning--

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a nice first day of the week. I apologize for getting this out late, but the flu bug bit me. It was not fun!:)

Last week, there were a multitude of great things going on in our school. You can read below in the celebrations. However, I want to specifically note the great instruction that was observed in our building by Dr. Buckmann and the administrative team. Dr. Buckmann was very complimentary. I know that what we saw is a mere glimpse of the outstanding work that happens daily. Way to go!

Thank you for all that you do. Have a great week.



  • Congratulation to our All-state Honor Band members, Dominic Schneider, 2nd Chair-Tuba; Ashley Raster, 9th chair-Clarinet; and Ariana Chaves, 12th chair-Clarinet.
  • Congratulations to Joanna Dohrman for qualifying for state in her first meet of the season. What a way to begin the season!
  • Congratulations to the guidance department on an awesome curriculum night.
  • Congratulations to the English Department on providing an awesome experience for our students who were able to listen to Holocaust Survivor, Rachel Miller. They were awesome and she said she liked our school best.:)
  • Congratulations to former FHN soccer standout, Angie Bode-Parsons for being inducted in the NCJAA Hall of Fame.


This past Thursday November 30th, Connie Buckman the Director of Adult Learning was in our building and did some walkthroughs with Administrators. Below is a summary of some of the great things Dr. Buckman had to say. Thank you to our CITW trainers Amy Stoker, Marissa Cohen and Anne McPartland for the time you put in to valuable professional development. Thank you to each and every staff member for utilizing CITW strategies in your classroom!

Dr. Buckman highlights:

  • These were the most impressive walks she has had at FHN!
  • Every classroom she was in the objectives were posted on the wall, on a worksheet or a slide.
  • Kids were clear on what they were learning in the classroom where she was able to talk to students.
  • There was a variety of +1 strategies.


FHN currently has 84.9% of students attending 90% of the time. We are consistently working to find the appropriate intervention to support our students. You may get an email about becoming an Attendance Ally. Please consider becoming a mentor for one of our struggling kids.


The Behavior Team will meet on Tuesday, December 5th at 2:30pm in Room 5/8.

The article below summarizes how make your classroom praise effective:


  • Thank you to the 24 staff members who were in attendance at the Climate Committee meeting last week. The Committee reviewed the Climate Data and made note of trends to be shared with the entire faculty. We also scheduled an additional work session to be held from 2:30 – 3:30 on December 14th. If you are interested in being a part of the decision making team, we hope you can attend this meeting.

  • Thank you to the ELA department for facilitating the completion of the Student Climate Survey last week. It went so smoothly I’m sure most of us didn’t even know it was happening! Thank you for your willingness to help.

  • If you would like the opportunity to view the Fall FHN Staff Climate Data in its entirety, please join us between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. this week, December 7th. The data, along with unlimited coffee, will be available in Mr. Downs' office for you to view and ask any questions if you’d like. If this date does not work for you, please email Erin Steep to set up an individual time to come review the data.



The Technology Team met last Wednesday:

Discussion Items:

  • Windows 10 Update
  • IT Update
  • Student Feedback on Tech integration
  • Lunch and Learn Opportunities

Action Steps:

  • Plan next Lunch and Learn
  • Process for METC selection
  • We will have a Lunch and Learn next Friday, December 8th on the following features in Infinite Campus:
  • Gradebook Refresh
  • Message Center
  • Creating Reports
  • Sending a Group Email

This will take place in Area 2 of the Learning Commons, and you may want to bring your laptop. You can sign up by going to the following link:



2016-2017 Staff Commitments to the Learning Environment

In order to improve the climate/environment at FHN, the staff commits to:

1. building positive relationships with students and staff members.

2. helping students to see the relationship between effort and success.

3. addressing any inappropriate behavior immediately to help set an expectation of appropriate hallway and classroom behavior.

4. giving clear and consistent expectations for device use and by enforcing them.

5. counting tardies consistently.


Wednesday, Dec. 6th, 2:30-3:30pm



Tuesday, Dec. 5th, 2:30-3:30pm



Thursday, Dec. 7th, 7am-3pm



Thursday, Dec. 14th, 2:30-4:30pm