The War of 1812

Who's to Blame?

There were main events that led up to the War of 1812 but the question is who should take the blame? I believe it was both the British and the Americans fault because they both caused problems which led up to the war. One event was when the Americans made an attack on Canada to cut British supply lines. This was a problem for the United States because the British took over and pushed them back. The Americans also wanted to gain more land but that didn't work for them too well. They ended up losing land and the British gained land.     Another event was when the British Navy had made the impression to the Americans. They were questioning the rights to trade with the European belligerents so they started the impression. They impressed at least 6,000 American mariners for the rights for them to trade. Along with the impression, the Americans lost courage from the British agitation of the native population on the western frontier. Another event was when the British officers raided American ships. They were trying to look for British sailors and the American soldiers were caught and forced to serve the British Navy. This caused the Americans and the British to become enemies and it made them start a war.