DHS Science Fair February 21, 2018

And the winners are...

Congratulations, FIRST PLACE WINNER, Justin Ma

Justin's project entitled "Properties of Alum and Metal" posed the question, 'How can watch repairmen get rid of minute metallic debris with a chemical known as "alum"?' Precise experimental design and observation lead him to have even more questions. Justin will be showing off his work at Coriell Science Fair as well. We know that he will be successful, since he is VERY able to explain chemical reactivity and hypothesize why his results were surprising.
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Thank you, Ms. Brewster, DHS Science Fair Advisor and Good luck at Coriell!

Both Justin Ma and Justin Jackson-Conner will be attending the Coriell Science Fair on March 17th-18th at the Camden County Community College in Blackwood, NJ. Those who place at Coriell may move on to the Delaware Valley Regional Science Fair, April 4th-6th.

Pictured left: Louisa Williams, at DHS Senior, who won a scholarship last year at the Coriell Science Fair.

2018 Coriell Science Fair

Saturday, March 17th, 12-2pm

200 College Drive