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Afghanistan News

In recent news, the U.S is leaving Afghanistan. "We wanted a clear message from Obama that the U.S will continue to support democracy in Afghanistan," Fawzia Koofi, a lawmaker and human rights activist said this month. "It's the only alternitive to Talibanization." The U.S is leaving Afghanistan, and the morning after it does, the Taliban will start the reconquest of that tragic land. The 11 year war might finnally be coming to an end.

In other news, six suicide bombers attacked Afghanistan's spy agency in Kabul, killing two and injuring 30. The attack started around 12:00 P.M when a bomber detonated a large car bomb. Then five men wearing vests full of explosives, carrying grenades, and AK-47 assault rifles attempted to attack the agency, but they were shot down by security. Violence has increased over the last year, creating concern over how the 350,000 Afghan forces will manage after foreign troops leave in 2014.

Also the weather in Afghanistan killed 17 this week. Afghan Pollt Truscott is working on protecting the children and elderly, due to the fact that they are the most vulnerable. "These deaths were a preventable tragety," said Polly "there is a desperate need to act now to prevent further deaths this winter." She concluded, "Afghanistan and its donor partners should remember that safeguarding lives in these settlements is an obligation under international law."